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THE GROUP DECIDED TO MORE OR LESS 'KIDNAPP' TERESA. It was something Thomas didn't really agree with, but they still did it. He was the one who would lure Teresa into the trap so they could capture her. Thea was happy that she didn't have to do it as she still felt like there was something good in the girl. The memory which she obtained pained her but it was quite blurry as if some things shouldn't be revealed yet.

Thea was conflicted about what she was supposed to feel towards Teresa. The dark haired girl betrayed them but from what she saw in her memory, Teresa wasn't a bad person. Her memory was blurry and foggy but still there. She didn't feel much hatred towards her but disappointment. The boys brought Teresa in with a bag over her head, her body language showed how confused she had been. They pulled the bag off to reveal Teresa's confused face as she breathed heavily.

"Gally?" queried Teresa with a shocked expression as she spotted the boy with the buzz cut. She thought he was dead, it made her wonder what had happened, how he survived. She continued to observe the room, to look at the faces of the people who sat or stood in front of her. Teresa looked at the blond girl who had a pained expression. Her eyes showed sadness.

When she looked at Teresa, she felt sad again in some way. Thea thought of the girl as a friend, she had shown nothing but kindness towards her, making her wonder if they had been friends before. They certainly acted like friends in Thea's memory.

"Here's how this is gonna go. We're gonna ask you some questions, and you're gonna tell us exatly what we need to know. We'll start of simple, where's Minho." Gally's voice was stone cold as he interrogated Teresa. It was clear that he wasn't gonna show any mercy. During his speech he dragged a chair across the room and sat down in front of Teresa.

"You guys don't seriously-"

"Don't look at him. Why are you looking at him? Look at me. He's not gonna help you."

Gally blocked Teresa's view of Thomas. The latter had a poker face, trying not to show any emotions at all but it was clear as the day that he was quite sad. His eyes showed his emotions, he couldn't hide it.

"We know you have Minho in the building. Where?"

"He's with the others in holding. Sub-level three."

"How many others." quizzed Newt from besides Thea. His voice wasn't shaky and his hands remained still too. He seemed like his normal self, not like the crank inside. The mere thought of him turning into one made her unbelievably sad, she wished she could help him. She would do anything for him.


"I can make that work." stated Brenda as she listened to the discussion.

"No, no. You guys don't understand, the whole level is restricted. You can't get in without a thumb-print ID."

"That's why you're gonna come with us." explained the brunette haired boy.

"Well, I don't know. We don't necessarily need her, right. Not all of her. We just need her finger." suggested Gally as he stood up and went over to a table to grab a knife. His idea was horrible and absolutely gory.

"Gally, no." interrupted Thea as she saw how the boy grabbed a knife.

"Gally, back off." demanded Thomas with no emotion what so ever in his voice.

"I bet she's squeamish. I guarantee you she has done a lot worse to Minho."

"Just stop it, Gally. Our plan is to rescue Minho and not to hurt her alright? We never said we would hurt her in any way." pointed Thea out as she got quite annoyed by Gally's ways. They never said that they would hurt Teresa in any way and that's how it is supposed to be.

"That's not the plan. Back off." added Thomas as he went over to Gally and grabbed his knife.

"It won't make a difference. Do whatever you want to me, you still won't get through the front door. The censors will pick you up the-"

"We know, we're tagged. Property of WICKED. You're gonna help us with that, too." Thomas crouched down in front of Teresa and held the knife towards her. It was a silent agreement, no words needed to be spoken.

Thea was next to get the chip in her neck removed. She sat down on the chair and took a deep breath, preparing for the pain. "You should relax." suggested Teresa as she pulled thw white mask onto her mouth and started to pick up the tools she needed.

"Okay, I will." acknowledged Thea with a shaky voice, she wasn't sure why she was nervous but she simply was. The knife dug into her skin making her wince quietely as she felt the pain. Teresa was in deep concentration as she started to remove the chip.

"Why did you protect me?" Teresa wondered why the girl still defended her even if she betrayed them. It left her confused, she may have known Thea for a long time, way before the maze but she was still wondering about why.

"I don't like what you did but you showed nothing but kindness to me, I don't want to hurt you. Can I be honest with you? I know you aren't as bad as the others may think." Thea wasn't sure why she was telling Teresa that but she felt like she had too.

"How?" a bewildered look crossed Teresa's face as she heard the blonds words. The others judged her and looked at her with stone cold faces but Thea was kind to her.

"I remember something, I got one of my memories back. And I know that you are the reason why. You prepared me for the maze, you promised me that you will take care of Newt. I feel like you were my friend before everything. Did you tamper with anything or I don't know what."

"I did. I just had too, I felt guilty. I didn't want to send you up but I had too. I tempered with your memories, so one day you'd remember and I guess it worked. You want answers don't you? You remember Newt?"

"Yes. Who was I, Teresa? Who was I?"

"I can't answer you that. But I can say that you and Newt were beacons of hope for one another. You were happy, even if everything around you was going down. You were someone... I don't know how to describe it."

Teresa stitched up Thea's wound with a last stitch. "Done." stated the dark haired girl. Thea felt a tingling sensation on the spot which was stitched up but it also burned. "Thank you." mumbled Thea with gratefulness in her voice. "Thank you, Teresa."

Thea walked away from Teresa with her words playing in her mind. She wondered if she could figure out more. Teresa sounded hesitant during their talk but still genuine, it confused her. Was the girl hiding something?

"Ya alright?" quizzed Newt as he laid his hand around the waist of his girlfriend in an affcetious way. He had a worried expression on his face as he tried to read her emotions, but she looked empty.

"Yeah, yeah. I was just.. thinking for a bit. I'm worried, Newt. I want this to work, I want everything to end good, Newt."

"It will, don't overstress the pretty head of yours." he gave her a light smile as he leaned in and gave her a small kiss on the forehead to get her to calm down. What he wouldn't show was how he was also worried about their plan, that it wouldn't work.

They planned to enter WICKED while disguising as guards and then save Minho and the children kept there. It was a dangerous mission but they needed to do it. Thea prepared to do it, she prepared to give everything she can.

She was still worried with a worried expression her face. Teresa's words still played in her mind. The blond girl tried to shake the thoughts out of her head but it barely worked, they haunted her mind. One thing she promised herself was that she would figure out more one day, one day she would and she could.


I finally finished Teresa's interrogation!! Next chapter the plan is gonna start (something which I can't wait to write). I tried to show Thea's emotions a bit more even if I find it quite hard sometimes. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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