Chapter 13

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Chapter Thirteen

"Holy crap, this place is amazing!" Sarah gushes the following Friday as we step out of the taxi. I smile as I look up at the expensive apartment building.

"I know. Wait until you see inside." I say. Sarah and I had made up last Sunday, where she had apologised for pushing the issue and I had apologised for snapping about it all. I had told her about Andrew's decision to postpone the wedding and while I didn't appreciate it, she agreed that it was for the best.

Jake phoned me on Tuesday while I was at work and while he never exactly said it, I know it was too check up to see if I was still annoyed at the issue I hadn't told him about. Having had time to let the whole situation settle in my mind, I was a lot calmer. We had talked the whole way through my lunch break and I know my feelings for him are only getting stronger.

Andrew and I awkwardly converse when we get home before both doing work and then going to bed. We haven't slept together or even properly kissed since I went to London, but this makes it seem like we are strangers under the same roof. We don't mention Jake or the wedding. Our conversations are consist of small talk and I hate it.

"Ok, so I'm not to mention the fact your wedding is on hold or the fact you and Andrew are on bumpy grounds, right?" She clarifies.

"Right. Or the fact everyone thinks I am in love with him!" I mutter, grabbing my suitcase from the cabs boot and stepping back to allow her to get hers.

"You say that as if you don't think the same." Sarah muses, stepping up beside me on the sidewalk, her bright pink suitcase catching a few eyes. I look at her out of the corner of my eye, making her smirk.

"You're making it more difficult by denying it. If you accepted your feelings, you would know who you want more."

"Don't psychoanalyse me," I mutter, wheeling my suitcase through the main door, where the security guy from the first night I was here is standing, smiling when he sees me.

"Mrs Brown." He greets and I give a quick smile and nod back, aware of Sarah's gaze on me. This was a bad idea.

She waits until we are in the elevator before spinning on me. "Mrs Brown?"

"Technically it is my name," I mutter, blushing.

"How can you be so utterly blind?" She grumbles, turning forwards again. I roll my eyes, not dignifying her with an answer as I look at our reflection. We are both still in our clothes from work, with me in my knee length pencil skirt again with a creme skin-tight jumper and my black heels, while Sarah is in a deep blue dress and matching shoes. Her blonde hair is standing out compared to my dark brown locks. However, with or without heels, we are the same height and have similar body builds.

When we reach Jake's floor, I lead her down the hall, both of us quiet until we reach his door.

"I love it here," Sarah says after I've knocked. I glance back and smile, seeing her look at the doors around us in awe.

"It gets better."

"I don't think that can happen." She says as Jake's door opens and there stands Jake in all his glory. Standing in a pair of jeans and a plain maroon top, which highlights his muscles, I can't help but smile.

"Hey." He greets, smiling back before glancing at Sarah, who is staring at him in surprise.

"Well? You didn't recognise my voice on the phone, but I sure hope you recognise me now. If not, I'll take real offence." She declares, making Jake give a laugh.

"Well, in that case, of course I remember you." He says, giving a charming smile.

"Correct answer." She says, laughing slightly as Jake steps back and holds the door further open for us. I step in first, setting my suitcase down in the hall, noticing Sarah doing the same behind me.

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