Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine

I waken with only twenty minutes left on the flight. Stretching, I look around, seeing those around me are mostly still sleeping. Even the air hostesses are sitting bored looking at the front of the plane.

Glancing over my stuff, I realise I can't be bothered to start my book and have pretty much finished a good plan for the advert. Glancing up again, I wonder if Jake would send me away with such a short period of the flight left.

Deciding to chance it, I grab my bag and put everything in again before standing and moving towards the door for the cockpit, seeing the air hostesses watching me in what looks like admiration and jealousy as I walk past them, give a knock on the door before pushing it open.

"I'm bored." I declare, seeing both men glance back, yet neither looks uninviting. I see Jake has removed his hat again and it is sitting on top of his jacket on that shelves it was on earlier. "Can I stay for landing? I want to see you do something."

"Do something?" Jake asks, raising an eyebrow. "You think we sat here twiddling our thumbs?"

"No, but you said it was on autopilot and I want to see you actually... you know... drive it... or fly it!" I say, rolling my eyes and taking the seat I was in before.

"You can turn the seatbelt sign back on if you want." Jake offers, making me lean forward and check I have the right button again before pressing it, hearing another ding ring out. I don't even wait for him to say anything, knowing what he is going to say as I sit back down and he spins towards me. I let him put my belt on before he turns forward again and I listen to him give another announcement about landing soon and the weather before saying he hoped everyone enjoyed their flight.

I smile, listening to his deep voice flow over me. God, he even sounds attractive and sexy.

I watch him throughout landing, stsying silent as he gives orders to James and grabs the wheel and actually flies the plane. I pretty much stare in amazement as he does it and find myself having the coolest view as I watch us come in for landing.

Every time he gives a command to James, I clench my legs, thinking about what it would be like to be lying tangled with him and him saying commands in my ear.

Andrew never commanded and I never thought I'd like a guy who did, yet here I am imagining Jake doing it. I definitely underrated the strength of my feelings.

Once we come to a stop, James and Jake work effortlessly together, both going through a range of motions and eventually the engine is turned off and Jake turns to me, unbuckling me and telling me I can turn the seatbelt sign off.

I force a smile to my face, yet my mind is still imagining things it shouldn't as I lean forward and do it, hearing the rummaging of people starting on the other side of the door.

"Well done, you've just helped land your first plane," Jake says, giving me a charming smile, causing my heart to beat faster.

"If I had anything to do with it we'd be in a ditch somewhere," I reply, giving a small smile as I break our eye contact and glance out of the window again. James stands and moves into space behind me while Jake reaches for his jacket and hat, slipping them both on and when I get the whole image, I almost get knocked over with need.

"Come on." He instructs and even that simple instruction has me complying without a seconds hesitation. I stand and it's then I notice the differences in the uniforms between James and Jake. Jake's is slightly more detailed with different thread colours in the jacket and hat.

James opens the door to the cockpit and I see queues of people waiting to get off the plane. Clara and another woman are standing there, ready to see them off. I am surprised when James slips past them, standing to the side, yet still in view, while Jake grips my waist and ushers me forwards. I go to walk past the others to go to first class and get my stuff, yet he grips me tighter when he realises what I was going to do.

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