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Song Inhui did not stop thanking Jin the moment everyone stopped rehearsing.

"Oh, Seokyeong, you have outshined even my dearest friends!" She cried out, looping a dainty arm around Jin's rather buff one.

And Jin, that arrogant son of a bitch, did not stop smirking every time Inhui gushed at him. "Anything for you, darling," he would reply smoothly in his feminine slur, and Taehyung's urge to hurl that motherfucker out the moving train would just grow by his words.

They were now seated at a table, Taehyung at one side by the window and Jin and Inhui settled at the opposite end. The sun had set now, the black cloak of night enveloping the sky, all dark save for the stars scattered like a hard swipe of a paintbrush.

"Lord knows what Jungkook would have done if he'd known it was my flask," she said.

"Jesus, what would he have done?" Taehyung asked, fixing his cloche hat on his head. The wig was absolute horseshit, and the sweat perspiring on his scalp didn't help his insides warming up.

"Thrown me out the train, probably," Inhui muttered, quietening her voice as a pair of rather gorgeous ladies strolled by. "He's done that before, mind you, to a poor girl who just happened to get caught with her man atop her in the toilets."

"Don't worry about us, though, darling, we won't ever be in that situation," jeered Jin, patting dearly Inhui's hand atop his elbow.

Taehyung rolled his eyes over Jin's obvious attraction towards her. If he isn't careful, this dicktwitch will get us caught.

"Well, that's good," Inhui declared, running a hand through her curls, "Cause I don't want you both to leave me so soon."

Taehyung could only scratch the back of his head, nearly causing his whole wig to fall in his hand. Quickly he rearranged while Jin and Inhui engaged in light conversation.

Jungkook, who'd been sitting alone in the farthest table, clinked his glass to get all the girls' attention.

"Ladies, please go back to your cabins and prepare for bed!" He ordered, getting up swiftly from his seat. "Tomorrow morning we'll be in Busan, and I need you all to be up and about when we arrive!"

Everyone scurried into their bunks, Inhui guiding the two boys to hers which were right next to their own cabins.

"Have you both got nightwear?" She asked as she focused her attention on her luggage.

"I've got my gown," Jin said proudly, swiping the white coloured cloth out his bag.

Taehyung, however, could not find the pyjamas he had packed for himself, no matter how hard he searched.

"Careful, Taehui, you'll ruin your folding," Inhui warned, stepping beside the boy. "Here, let me help."

Gingerly the girl looked through his suitcase, carefully inspecting each piece of clothing within to make sure it wasn't the set of cloths our hero was looking for.

"Here," she finally said, wriggling out the pyjamas, a classy Prussian blue inked into the fabric.

"Oh, thanks," he said, taking his attire from her.

"Honey, I've gotta say, you have an amazing fashion sense," the girl thought out loud as she observed Taehyung's open luggage. "Where did you get all these?"

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