20. Innocent

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Cyrus led me to a slick black Mercedes car. He walked over to my side and opened the door out for me. I was shocked by his behaviour and quickly got into the car. The car had the new car smell. The seats, leather and cold. He walked over to the other side and hopped into the car. He put the car in drive and sped out of the gates of the Pack house. We passed the trees quickly as he drove towards the site. I was amazed by the people that were casually walking stopped to wave at us... at him. They really did love him. The car ride took almost five minutes when we arrived in front of Mrs Macy's home.

Her house was huge, to say the least. In front of her home were three adult males in wolf form laying on the ground. Cyrus led me past a pack of wolves and pushed the door open. The house was decorated beautifully.

"You said that it was being renovated.."I asked Cyrus who led me up wooden stairs.

"It's upstairs, just follow me" He instructed, taking my hand in his. When we got to the top, Cyrus carefully positioned me in a safe zone. There was red and white tape rounding the entire upstairs area. Dust and wood were everywhere. Even from the woodwork, you could see the outline of the model.

"So all this will be built and then eventually decorated by you." He announced and I smiled.

"Thanks, Cyrus," I said, kissing him on his cheek.

"This was your idea." He stated and led us back downstairs. "You ready to meet them?" He asked and I nodded slowly.

Cyrus led me into the kitchen which had an elderly woman drinking coffee at her countertop.

"Ms Macy," Cyrus said announcing himself. She jolted and split her coffee all over the counter. Together, we ran towards her and grabbed a towel that was laying on the sink and dried the area.

"Apologises, I didn't mean to startle you." Cyrus apologised as Mrs Macy fixed her glasses. The women shrugged it off and passed the towel to Cyrus. She then walked towards me, held my face in her hands as she observed me. The woman was a shade of beautiful dark chocolate. She smelt of vanilla with a hint of Shea butter. Her hair was in a small afro curled at her ears, she was petite with a round frame.

"She is beautiful Cyrus." She smiled at me and pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back quickly. When she released me, she grabbed my hands and walked over to the large sliding doors that overlooked a large backyard. It had a gated pool along with a grass area and barbecue area. I noticed that the grass was filled with toys, for the children.

Cyrus joined us and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"This is Nevaeh" He announced me and I smiled.

"I know." She smirked. I looked at her in confusion. "I guess Cyrus hasnt told you yet." She gave him a stern look and he put his hands up in defeat.

"Told me what?"

"The Moon Goddess has blessed me with a gift- Vision. She began. "She showed me you about a month ago, but I didn't know who you were or why she had sent you to me. If I had known that Cyrus had found a bride, I would have planned for everything" She laughed loudly and I smiled.

"You get visions?" I asked her.

"Yes indeed. Started when I was about your age. They came to me in dreams" She replied as she opened the sliding doors. The voices of children hit me instantly as we stepped outside.

Visions that came in dreams? It struct memories of my nightmare just a couple days ago.

"None of this would have been possible without you, Luna" She smiled.

"No, thank you for all your help and care. I can't imagine how chaotic and stressful it must be to look after so many children, we really appreciate it, Mrs Macy." I smiled back.

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