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"Ashley?!" I spat

She was wearing a baggy white t-shirt and a black skinny jeans and a pair of uggs. Ugly asf.

Ella wouldn't wear something like what Ashley's wearing right now, even if she would, she'll look beautiful not like this whore who's standing right in front of me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her harshly as I walked pass her to my walk in closet, I closed the door and locked it not wanting her to walk in and see my dick.

I wouldn't mind being fucked tho.

Then it hit me, I haven't been laid for a month since Ella's here.

"I was just wondering if you want to hang out with me today? At lunch" she said

"No, I'm going out with Ella today" I rejected her

"She said she's not going to work today" Ashley said

"Even if she isn't, I'm taking her out today" I told her once I finished getting dressed, I stepped out of my closet to see Ashley was sitting on my bed.

"Ay get off the bed" I told her

"Seriously Ashley, what do you want and why are you here?" I asked her as I walked out of my own bedroom and walked across the hall to Ella's room.

"I had fun that night" Ashley told me

"Sure you did" I told her then opened the door of Ella's room. Then I headed towards Ella's closet and grabbed all her necessities,

"Ella must be really good in bed you're acting so nice to her and keeping her around you." I can heard Ashley smirking to her own comment.

I clenched my jaw at her comments. I walked out of her closet and glared at Ashley.

"I want you to shut the hell up. That night was just a one night stand to me, and no I haven't fucked your cousin, just yet. I'm keeping her around because I want to. And don't fucking call her 'Ella' ever again. I'm the only one allowed to call her with that nickname" I threatened her, nevertheless she looked at me with an amusing look.

This whore was pissing me off. Not wanting to mess up my suit, I rolled my eyes at her and walked out of Ella's room then down the stairs and exited the house. I got in to my room then started the engine, but before I left the house I told Patrick to escort that whore out of my house.

I like Ella, no doubt.

*Stella's POV*

I woke up the next morning when I heard someone sneezed in my room. That woke me up though it sounds adorable.

"Shit shit shit" I heard the person cursed

I opened my eyes and sat up in my bed to see Justin sat in the couch looking uncomfortable wearing his suit. So, Justin Bieber just sneezed and it sounds adorable.

What is he doing in my room? I thought he said he had to leave early today, I looked at the digital clock in the night table, it's almost noon.

"Justin" I called him, he looked up at me and then stood up. "What are you doing in here? You're supposed to be at work" I continued.

"Uh.. Yes I supposed. But your dad told me you're not going to work today so I think I should just stay and make sure you're okay. After what happened last night" he answered

I looked away from him then blushed, I stood up and nodded my head at him. "Thank you" I muttered at him

"I talked to your father this morning" Justin said as I exited my bedroom, he followed me down the stairs. "And, he kinda uh,.. planned a wedding for us" Justin explained to me.


"I know, calm down. Can we just act like everything's alright then we'll get divorce after few months" Justin rolled his eyes at me, well yea I liked him but does that makes me wanna marry him? Right, no.

"Hey" I heard Ashley spoke as she stepped in to the house with a big grin.

"Hey!" I smiled at her, she eyed Justin then smirked at him, did they fuck again?

"where were you?" I asked her curiously as I walked in to the kitchen still with Justin following me and now Ashley following me too.

"I just went to-"

"Ella, you wanna go out today? I planned something for us, actually" Justin cut Ashley off, I turned around to look at him and grinned.

"Oh really?"

"Yea, and I bet you'll like it" he smiled at me though I can felt the tension between both Justin and Ashley. I ignored it and skipped to my bedroom happily until I heard Justin and Ashley's conversation.

"Won't you tell her?" I heard Ashley asked Justin

"What? You came to my house this morning? Was it that important that I have to tell her-"

"Oh really? Do I have to say it out loud, we don't want the princess to hear everything now won't we?" Ashley said, I could tell that she was smiling while saying that.

"Listen whore, the deal was off for weeks. Don't you dare to bring that up again" Justin gritted.

I knew that it won't end good and I'd rather not to carry on to hear their conversation, I frowned and continued my way to my bedroom. What deal?

I wore what Justin brought this morning, I then realized that he had a good taste in fashion, it was simple yet elegant and it was all black. I took a quick shower then put my clothes on, I walked downstairs to see Justin sat in the living room glaring at the wall in front of him with his jaw clenched. It was scary but I wouldn't lie and say I didn't enjoy what I was seeing because I did. He looked extremely gorgeous.


He turned around to look at me still with his angry look but when he saw what I was wearing, his eyes softens and back to its brown color. He grinned and stood up then walked up to me. Damn bipolar much?

"I didn't expect you'll look extremely gorgeous in these" he complimented. I looked down and blushed like a high school girl. I muttered a quite thank you then I realized we were matching, he was wearing all black except for his gold dog tag.

"We're matching" I squealed unexpectedly, Justin laughed and nodded his head then smiled down at me with his cute adoring smile.

"Yes we are, baby" he kissed my cheek, aw. I blushed, again. Justin chuckled at me then took my hand in his then we headed out.

And let's just say that day was the best day in my life, because Justin Bieber took my first kiss. 

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