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Jungkook: They'll be here anytime now..

You nodded, knowing who he was reffering too. You can also hear a bit of the sadness of Jungkook's voice.

You were both sitting on the couch, facing the television. Jungkook's hand never left yours since you decided to watch a movie, a horror movie.

Jungkook was amused since you didn't even screamed, instead you screeched in annoyance on how dumb the characters are. Like what? How can a freaking ghost kill you, it's just a freaking soul, it doesn't even have its own body since they already passed away.

Then suddenly the door bell ringed, your parents immediately came into your mind. You are happy and a bit disappointed, because there'll be no more back hugs whenever you guys want to.

You greeted your mother and your step dad with a huge smile. When your mom entered, her eyes widened. She didn't know expect the house would be this organized, though there's a bit of dusts in some places.

Mom: Whoa

Seokjin: I know right, I wonder what you both did while we were away.

The both of you looked away with a shy smile and pink covering your faces. Of course that small movement didn't go unnoticed by your parents.

Mom: Oh god!

Your heart beat fastened, they must've knew what happened. Same goes for Jungkook. But what Jungkook's dad said is pretty agreed able.

Seokjin: You both finally became comfortable with each other?!

Mom: Silence means yes! Jsmxjdmdjakwkaka


They had told you both that they're now planning for their wedding, and is going to buy their gowns and suits tomorrow, also with your and your step brother's outfit.

You have to come with your mother, while Jungkook with his father.

It kind of made you sad though, same with Jungkook.


Your mom has already chose her gown, and now you left her to find yours. Surprisingly, your mom didn't chose any cringy gowns like other rich mothers do, no offense. Like you know, too much details, too long gowns..

While you were looking for a dress, you felt hands snaking on your waist, and a chin in your shoulder. "Miss me?" You smiled. "Yes.."

Suddenly, you heared your mom's voice call you, you panicked and Jungkook hastily stood straight smiling at your mother. But you can sense that he is a bit irritated, due to your moment have been interrupted.

"Oh hi Jungkook!" The said man also greeted your mother. "Are you done?" You shook your head, your mother turned to Jungkook, he nodded his head.

"Oh then, help her out Jungkook. I just passed by to check on Nami." You bid her goodbye, once she's gone, Jungkook sighed in relief, now happy with you.

"Do you hate her?" You playfully asked, Jungkook shook his head, "Of course not!" You chuckled while you went back to checking some dresses that suits your liking.

Jungkook went back to hugging your from behind with a smile plastered on his face.


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