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I was little, I was Broke
She that shadow on the stone.
That's your grandma she would say,
Sorry that she passed away
I didn't care, I didn't know, that Far
In life shed be gone.
I was depressed, I couldn't see.
See the dangers come near me.
I dragged, I was beaten. In cage they call
Home, I was tortured to the bone. Then one Night I couldn't stand it, I broke the door and now I'm bandaged. Momma said I was brave, daddy said I was broken. So what if I'm broken? I'll drag you like you dragged me. I'll save the stories before they fade. So what if I'm broken? That'll make me the hero and you the one gone. Why should I listen after what you have done? So what if I'm broken? There is a monster swirling inside of me. So what if I'm broken? I cant handle the pain! All the pain, that come to play. Get me out, get me out. I can't stay in this place. Get me out, get me out. I need to go home. Go home to my warm sweet home. Yes, I am broken, I need help I admit. That doesn't mean I'm a monster. I will get through this. I am broken! I have admitted to my lies! I am broken! I have finally saved my life. I can't feel the the pain! (Feel the pain) the pain that came to play. Its now all gone! I'm not broken! I am fixed! I can see, see the dangers come to me! I can stop them once again, now that he is away from the van. Im not broken. I have admitted to what has happened! I am not broken! I am fixed and I am free. Free of the crap that's happened to me! I am not broken....

This song is not related to my childhood at all. It just popped into my head

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