Narrator's Pov

The doctor explained to them that Izeiah has fallen into a coma and she won't be waking up anytime soon. The poison is gone. The lunacy was the culprit. 

It made the demon inside her go nuts causing it to leave her body frail and weak.

Hina was crying. Just looking at those tubes connected to Izeiah, it was more than any normal person would have. They knew that this case wasn't normal.  It was out of the ordinary. Her breathing would stop sometimes and it causes the whole hospital their electricity. Everytime the machine that tells if her heart is still beating or not would turn to a straight line, it creates chaos inside the hospital. Trying to make her heart beat again was their main priority most of the time.

The game really gave her trouble. But the trouble this time wasn't fun, it was life and death, atleast for her.

There was a lot of news about the part that had took place just the day before the Izeiah's Game.

And one of the crazy rumors that has been spread was the fact that, the Empress was the demon of the Kenshis.

Four Months Later

Kagigising lang ni Izeiah kahapon, after falling into a deep slumber she finally wakes up. She feel so numb and weak. As if no energy has stayed to get her through this lifetime.

And everyone has stayed overnight because they've rushed here the moment they got the news that she already woke up.

She was so thin. Super thin. And she was not allowed to eat chocolates yet.

Lahat ng nandito ay hindi pa natulog dahil sa gusto nilang obserbahan si Izeiah kung magaling na nga siya o hindi pa.

"Hindi ba kayo uuwi?" tanong ni Izeiah for the umpteenth time. Sabay sabay silang umiling.

"We have to witness the time when you actually die." Sarkastikong sabi ni Green. Sinamaan oang siya ng tingin ni Izeiah.

"Too bad. I'm alive. Suck it up." Tatayo na sana siya pero dahil sa walang energy ang katawan niya napaupo lang siya.

"You need to use the potty?" Tanong ni Len.

"Not at the moment. But I need to eat. Anyways, how long was I asleep?"

"And you only ask that now?" Nakataas kilay na sabi ni Ren.

"I'm sorry I forgot" sarkastikong sagot naman ni Izeiah.

"Tulog ka ng apat na buwan. At nag-agaw buhay ka ng ilang beses buti nalang at naagapan nila and by the way little miss, because of you the bill is really high. Someone almost died because the electricity went off." Izeiah just shrugged.

"Everytime my heart stops, the electricity go off, right?" She asked. Sabay sabay silang tumango.

"That's what I thought. Anyways, walang energy ang katawan ko. Pati pagkain ata mahihimatay ako sa pagod."

"Yeah, that's why I have to stay off work for some weeks to look after you" sabi ni Hina na nagappear beside her.

"Seriously, you don't need to. I just need a few days and I'll be good as ever."

"Izeiah. You almost died." Seryosong sabi ni Hina. Biglang sumeryoso ang hangin between sa kanila.

"I'm aware."

"You have to take care of yourself. I must take care of you. I was so careless."

"Don't think too hard. But seriously guys, long story short, I want all of you out. I need some space bruh I mean I just woke up afterall." Nagsitayuan naman sila at nagsimulang lumabas na nahuli si Blue na tiningnan pa siya at tumango sa drawer.

Tiningnan naman niya kung bakit niya itinuro iyon. When she opened the drawer, she thought she was in heaven. The drawer was simply full of chocolates, white chocolates her favorite. But she didn't have enough energy to reach for it that's why she can only gaped at it.

"It's been four months. How is he doing?" She whispered as she looked outside.

"I've done him wrong four months ago surely he wouldn't even care for me nor bother to remember me." Walang siglang sbai niya. The atmosphere was really different than before.

"I'm not even done with my mission. I have to take responsibility and clean up after my mess. I have to trace where the Untamed Souls are going next" determinadong sabi niya.


Isang linggo na simula nung gumising si Izeiah. At nagsimula nadin niyan itrain ang katawan niyang walang energy.

Pumasok si Blue sa kwarto nito. Nagi-stay parin siya sa hospital dahil hindi pa ganoon kaganda ang health niya.

"Izeiah. I got info about your Untamed Souls." Napatingin naman si Izeiah sakanya. Nagbabasa siya ng Winnie the Pooh. Binigyan siya ni Hina ng maraming libro to pass time but most of them doesn't have pictures so she have to read some picture books more than once.


"Their next target is the private school of the Tria Fylis. Where most of the notorious heir or heiress, gangsters, mafia, yakuza you name it they have it, those kinds of people study. It's the king of all the schools in the country, Izeiah High is only second to this school. Kids here are more dangerous than the students from Izeiah High." He explained.

New School again.


She wanted to cry. She was traumatized. She hated the word alone and she hated school that she hopes that someday, all of the school would crumble down..

"It's really hard to get in. You have to use your power inorder to be a student and all in all, the school's population is only half of Izeiah High."

"That's where they are going next?" Tumango ito. The people there are dangerous, powerful. Izeiah High is only a baby compared to this school.

"What's the name of the school?" She turned to the next page. Winnie the Pooh is now eating his favorite delicacy, which is honey.

"RedWine University."

Red Wine

Blood in a bottle

That's what it meant.

More blood




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