Chapter One : The Ball

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*** : Means authors note

( ) : Something you need to know, extra info

'  '  : Used when talking to your wolf, Dalia in your mind

When I was little I  always loved being a werewolf. Everything about it. When I ran, how the fur would flow all over my body, whenever I chose to shift into my wolf form. I felt free. Unstoppable. But now I am 19, my parents expect more from me then I feel I am in the position to offer. I feel so much pressure. My mom and dad found each other when they were in high school. They are high school sweet mates. They love each other still, and I have never wondered why. My first heat was suppose to hit a year and 1/2 ago and it never did. 

'A few days from now and our heat might emerge.' I tell Dalia.

'You know we HAVE to find a mate this year right?' Dalia tells me.

'I am not concerned with finding a mate, Dalia. Besides, we don't even know if my heat will come this year or not.' I tell her, as we continue to walk towards home.

'Honestly, if you weren't such a pussy then you might have found a mate sooner.' Dalia snaps at me.

'Oh shut the hell up, Dalia. What do you know, anyway?' I snap right back.

Dalia gets quiet and doesn't respond to me after that. I smile in victory. Both me and Dalia are pretty competitive, however, this time she let me win. I start walking up to my front yard. I grab the keys and twist the door knob.

"Mom!  I'm home!" I practically scream. My dad was working late today so I knew my mom would be the only one home at the time, plus I couldn't smell my fathers scent.

"I'm in the den honey!"

I walk into the den and I sit beside her. I slump on the couch asuasted from todays work at the Coffee Stream. (The coffee stream is where you work and spend almost ALL of your time)

"We need to talk, Y/n."

"Whats up?" I ask leaning forward to grab an apple off the table sitting before me and my mom. I sit back as I take a bite into the apple.

"You know that the first day of winter is tomorrow, right?"

"Right." I say. "But I predict that my heat won't start until a couple of days after, anyway so..." I state matter of factly. My words trailing off.

"Ok, sure. But its better to be safe and prepared, then sorry and unprepared. Be reasonable, honey, how much longer do you honestly think Dalia can go without a mate? You and her both need someone to satisfy your needs and cravin-"

"AH- ah." I cut her off. "Mom, the only thing I am craving right now, is some peace and quiet." I say as I get up. My mom watches me in defeat. She grabs an apple herself when she sees I have already finished mine. I snatch her apple.

"HEY!" She yells.

"Thanks, mom, for everything, I love you. Truly, Honestly, to the moon goddess's palace and back." I kiss her on the cheek and I run up the stairs with the apple in my mouth.

I go to my room.

'Your moms right, and you know it. You know I won't be able to control myself when this heat hits, y/n.'

'Oh, hush! Me and you will make it through this season. We don't need to find our true mate, we can just find a partner if it gets too much to handle.'

'NO! I want to find our true mate, Y/N! We have to!'

'Dalia, quite frankly, that is the furthest thing from my mind right now. We don't need a man. We don't need a mate. We have always been strong and independent all on our own. Are you just going to let a season change that for us? Really? We will survive on our own, ok?'

'Your going to regret this.'

'Regret what?'

'Hiding your feelings, that is what you always do! You always push people away and that's why Olivia is our ONLY  friend!'

'Whatever.' I cut off the conversation with her just in time to hear my mom yelling.

"Y/n! Come down stairs! Now." She yells.

I sigh. "COMING!" I walk halfway down the stairs. "Who's dying? It sounded important." I say sarcastically. My mom ignores my comment.

"There is a ball, and we're going this year." She says as she holds up the envelope with a fancy seal, probably from the alpha himself.

Our neighborhood gets invited to this fancy ball that the alpha and his beta hold every year since I was 16, but every time my mom would bring it up I would shoot it down and tell her I wasn't going. She always went along with my decision, seeing that the ball is actually held to find his true mate. And I was too young anyway, so I consistently reminded her it was useless for me to attend.  He hasn't found his mate, even though he's 23, which is super late timing for an alpha. Although, I hear he travels the world due to his alpha duties. So it's weird that he hasn't managed to find his true mate yet, considering how much he travels. Rumor has it, the beta is also unmated. It's not good for business when both of the most powerful and influential pack leaders in the states, don't have mates. It looks bad. The alpha and beta are pass their "coming of age" period, which was reached at 20 years old. They are trying to find their true mates quickly, before they age out. The beta is heard to be aged at 22 years. A year younger then the alpha.

My shoulders slouch forward.

'No way are we getting out of this one.' I tell Dalia.

'No way do I want to. We could find our mate!'

'Of course your still on that.'

Dalia roles her eyes and severs our communication link for now.

The ball is not only held for the purpose of the alpha and his beta to find their true mates, but it is now also held to the "general public". Meaning, only certain neighborhoods, like mine, get in each year. And everyone is trying to get into this ball, because of the chance that they could get to meet their alpha and possibly be his true mate. Which is ridiculous.

"Great." I give a half smile.

I had no idea how much trouble this one ball would cause in my life.

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