Izeiah's Pov

I heard my voice that's slightly altered in the radio. It's been playing for how many hours now.

Like they would put it on every chance they get.

I turned it off. I'm alone. Kinda sad. My phone vibrated.

Izeiah High

You're going to play the Izeiah's Game.

I dropped my phone. Karma had worked her way to me way too fast. This can't be happening.

🎶Do you want to hide a body?

I picked up my phone and answered it.

On the Phone



It's time.
Are you ready?

Who knows? Either I'm
ready or not my fate lies whether
I can hold on to my sanity so I won't go insane.

Izeiah, we can still work our
way out from that game.

It's okay. Don't tell anyone about
this or else I'll hate you forever.
You hear me?

I-izeiah, p-please?

Look. I got to go. Bye.
Please, promise me.


I searched for the Antares flower. I find comfort in it. Sinuri ko ito at napangiti nalang dahil sa naalala ko.

I wish to see him, talk to him but I can't because time has changed

I stood infront of the whole school with the other players who have been picked too. My hands was in my pockets, playing with the Antares keychain trying to calm myself.

"Bring in the lunacies please." Sabi ng Headmaster. I smelled the demonic aroma. It's here again. The Izeiah's Lunacy.

They opened it and it became stronger.

Nahihilo na ako. The poison is reacting to it. My body is taking action to defend itself from the poison.

Linagyan na nila ang maliliit na baso at binigay na nila saamin. Hindi ako makahinga ng maayos dahil sa ang lapit ng inumin.

Narrator's Pov

He watched her stare at the lunacy in her hands. He was trying not to get up and stop the game from happening but he couldn't do anything.

He called Ren.

"Ren. Izeiah's playing the game."

"And drink" lumaki ang mata niya ng ininom na ni Izeiah ang lunacy. Tatayo na sana siya ng narinig niyang sumigaw si Ren sa kabilang linya.

Hindi nakasagot si Ivan. Pinanood niya siyang napaupo pagkatapos niya itong ininom. She took big deep breaths. Hinawakan niya ang kamy nito at nakita ni Ivan ang pulang tubig na umagos mula dito.

She was trying to control herself so hard she hurt herself.

"Izeiah" pabulong niyang sabi.

Then she coughed blood. Napakunot noo si Ivan. That shouldn't be happening. She kept coughing and coughing until she passed out the same time a gun had gone off.

Merong lumipad na kunai papunta sa kinaroroonan ni Izeiah. Pero bago pa man ito maisaksak sakanya, bumangon ito at hinuli ang kunai gamit ang kamay niya. Ngumisi siya at binuka ang mata nito.

Everyone gasped.

"Green eyes." Blood splattered on her face as she blew some heads off using the gun she had on her.

She went on a rage and killed five people in just a minute. Her glasses broke so she threw it away. It was useless to her now.

Then she started to slow down. She stopped what she was doing. She covered her eyes like a kid and smiled cutely.

He wanted to run to her and hug her but after everything he had witness it was impossible.

When she uncovered her eyes and opened them he almost gauged his eyes.


And before they know it, everyone had been killed. They are just waiting for her. What she's going to do next.

She glanced at the crowd. Everyone held their breath. She started walking towards them then she hold the metals that's separating the sane and insane.

Suddenly, a dozen of people came barging in. Green, Blue and Ren was also one of them.

A girl talked to the Headmaster.

Based on the mark on the handkerchiefs that's covering half of their face they knew where they came from, from the Robinson Clan.

They didn't take any action they just stood there and watch her bend the metals easily. She pointed her gun at them, no one moved.

"On three." Green shouted.




As soon as the three seconds ended, Izeiah fainted. Green caught her.

"Her body is starting to fight the poison." They heard him say.

"Headmaster, her time here has ended. I ask you to let her go." Sabi ni Green. Mukhang nagulat pa ito dahil sa sinabi.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that. She asked to leave after 3 months not 1 month. Just ask her to come back as soon as she wakes up."

"That won't do. She won't be able to come to school because of health issues." Sagot ni Green.

"You have to make a deal with me."

"What would that be?"

"Let me have a strand of her hair." Though it was a weird request they gave him what he had asked.

"So long." All of the Robinson guys surrounded Green who was carrying Izeiah. They knew right away Izeiah was important to the Clan, just looking at the way they protect her, it was as if she was a gem.

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