14: My Parents

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"Can you believe our little boy is turning three years old, this Friday?" Scott gushed as we walked into the party store, our hands interlocked until he reached for a cart nearby. "I feel like I have to make it extra special because I wasn't there for the first two,"
"Babe, you know you don't have to. Wesley just loves being with you and I'm sure he enjoys time with you more than some toy,"
"I know, but I want to. I want to get him a bunch of stuff he can play with but also like, clothes and other things kids need." Scott pushed the cart down the birthday isle and looked over the different themes. I held up a blue and yellow set and asked if Scott liked it, only to have Scott shrug. "I think I'm the one who should be asking about what Wes likes. I've only known him for a few months,"
"True, but you are his father, Scott. This isn't just my choice, you know," he shrugged and I kissed his cheek. "You have the same pout as Wessy," that caused him to smile and it wasn't long before we settled on doing a safari themed birthday party.
"We should put out these cute little hats for everyone!" Scott suggested as he held up a set of tan, plastic safari hats. "Should we dress up?"
"I think he'll love that, actually. Uhm.. what about just green and tan themed clothes? I have this cute green sweater I've been wanting to wear,"
"It's eighty degrees out and you want to wear a sweater?" He quirked a brow and smirked, earning an eye roll from me.
"Don't hate because I have better taste in fashion,"
"You most certainly do not," he replied, smiling and unable to hide it. "Don't you think my shorts and hoodies are fashionable?"
"Oh, totally," I nodded, setting some more party supplies in the cart. "New York Fashion Week status,"
"Balenciaga has nothing on me," I laughed and Scott leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I love you and your weird sense of fashion,"
Smiling, I kissed him again. "And I love you and your weird obsession with crocs,"
"Don't you dare hate on my crocs, Grassi! They are not only comfortable as all hell, but are beyond convenient and stylish, too!"
"Literally no one thinks that,"
"You apparently do," he shrugged. "I'm pretty sure I remember you saying you wore them to the store and loved how comfy they were,"
"You have no proof of that." He laughed and shook his head. "Okay, so I hate that we waited last second to get Wes his gifts. What should we get him?"
"Uhm.. dinosaur stuff, for sure. Let's pay for this and head to the mall and get whatever stands out?"
"Good idea."

After Scott and I spent the majority of the day buying gifts for Wesley's third birthday coming up, Scott dropped me off and went back to his apartment to study a little before my parents arrived. We were both beyond nervous to tell them about us finding out Scott is Wesley's father, but, if I'm being honest, I wasn't entirely worried that they would be mad. If anything, they might just be pissed at me for not telling Scott about Wes for so long.
Once my parents arrived and we were getting ready for dinner, Scott eventually came back over and as soon as he walked in, Wesley ran to him at full force. Scott crouched and caught Wesley as he jumped and waved his arms.
"Daddy!" He squealed, laughing as Scott grinned and swung him up, kissing his cheek while my parents glanced at each other before smiling at Scott and Wesley hugging. "Hi daddy!" Wesley beamed, burying his face against Scott's hoodie.
"Hey buddy! Goodness, I missed you so much," Scott hugged him and walked into the kitchen and went pink when he saw my parents. "Hey guys," he smiled adorably, "Long time no see,"
"Scott!" My mom squealed, rushing around the counter to hug him. "You look so great, Sweetie!" She cooed, causing him to blush once more. Scott was probably one of her favourite people outside of our family. She loved how polite and respectful he was, and when she found out that he was Wesley's dad, she admitted to already having a feeling about it and that she was proud of Scott for stepping up.
Once dinner was ready, we sat at the dinner table and Scott didn't touch his meal until he finished cutting Wesley's strip of steak and veggies. He ruffled our son's hair and made a face at him until Wes giggled and started to eat.
"So Scottie," my dad started when Scott picked up his fork. "How's law school going?"
"It's going well! I have another few years before I'm done, but so far, so good. I'm excited to finish everything and get my career started,"
"Have you thought about how you're going to handle school and a three year old?" Dad asked curiously, earning an eye roll from my mom.
"Not that we don't think you'll be able to handle it, of course," she cut in. "We just know how sudden this change is and we are worried you might feel a little overwhelmed with everything you have going on,"
Scott quickly shook his head, "you guys know me; I'm a workaholic. I love being busy and since Wes came into my life, studying has become so much easier. I know he doesn't know half the words I'm saying, but Wes loves it when I read him my textbook. If anything, I think having this responsibility will help me a lot."


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