Chapter 29 ~Louis~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @annetwist and 8,987,963 more

louist91 Surpsises coming soon!😁

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harrystyles I'm so excited! @louist91

gemmastyles You lot are gonna love it!❤

LarryBitch If it's what I think it is, I. Will. Dieee.💚💙

LARRYALLTHEWAY Yeeeeeesssssssssss!

niallhoranofficial Oh my god, I'm so happy for lads! (They just told what it is!)

RealLiamPayne Excited for you!

RealLiamPayne @zayn I want one!

zayn @RealLiamPayne😶

ZiamUniverse ^yes! Please! @zayn @RealLiamPayne

annetwist I'm so happy! Come visit soon please @harrystyles @louist91

harrystyles I will mummy!

LottieTomlinson Louis William Tomlinson you text me right now!!

FizzyTommo4real ^!!!!

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