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Amy's POV

Then the girl with barely any clothes came up to me and started talking to me

Bold=Girl with barely any clothes
Underlined=The crowd
Bold Underlined=End of conversation

You slut stay away from Alex he is mine

Bitch I don't care a shit about him you can have him all you want geez

First don't call me bitch because you are jealous that Alex doesn't like or love you but me haha haha

Shut the fuck up slut like if he really likes or loves you then why are you telling me to stay away from him huh

Are you scared that I might steal him huh


No but I will show you not disrespect me

Oh really and how are you going to do that if I may know negga

By fighting you and so everyone knows not mess with me and I will go easy with you since you look weak

Whatever but when I am the one that will show you not to disrespect me and for others to think twice if they want to end up in the hospital like how you are going to end up after this

Fight! Fight! Fight!

EnD Of ThE CoNvErSaTiOn

With that the fight started we started circling each other.Than she got impatient and did the first move to punch me in the face but she was to slow and I dodge her punch by tilting my head to the left.

Everyone was so shocked that I barely did anything that I grab her arm by my right hand and lift her up and I was holding her and when I was going to throw her I saw fear and regret for underestimating since she now knows that it's late to back down.

So I threw her over to the crowd that they moved so that they wouldn't get hit and I got on top of her and started punching her repeatedly saying these exact words to her "I don't give a fuck about Alex but I wanted to show everyone that I am never backing down on anyone and if want to be in the hospital like you than they can be my guests."

After that I gave her two more hard punches on her face and stood up and when I looked down to look at the girl named Bailey and you couldn't recognise her,her face was all purple and black that I looked into the crowd as they cheered for me.

With that I walked away to my bike and left thus shit hole of a school.

But what I didn't know was that someone was looking at me the whole time.....

****So this was where I was planning to end this chapter....but since I haven't updated for awhile so keep on reading 📖****

Alex's POV

So I was waiting for the final bell to ring when it finally did I opened the doors to the parking lot to see the slut of this school named bailey approaching Amy.

With that I knew that a fight was going to happen I also saw a crowd forming I got in the crowd too.

Then everyone heard the conversation of bailey warning Amy to stay away but what surprised me and everyone is that Amy said that she didn't care about me at all and that she can have me.

I felt like my heart broke I guess I really did fall her after all instead the other way around but I will make her love me. But what hot me out if my thoughts was when they started circling each other and you could see that bailey was getting impatient so she did the first move.

You could see that bailey was scared and regretted of what she did.

Then we all saw that Amy came close to bailey and whispered something to her that made her get even paler if that was even possible.

Then after that Amy threw her to our way and everyone including me moved so that we wouldn't get hit with her body and then Amy yelled " I told now you are going to be in the hospital for a pretty long time NOW ANYONE WANTS TO JION HER THAN BE MY GUESTS"

Nobody said anything then she looked around the crowd and locked eyes with me than went to her bike that hot by the way and without a helmet zoomed out of the school.

After she left her minions came to help her while one of them called the ambulance to help their "queen" but they are fake with that everyone started leaving taking and putting the fight of Amy and Bailey.

I also left on my bike and went straight to the gym were I always go to after school cause these muscle's weren't made them self's and I love working out so it's fine.

When I got there and entered I saw the one and only Amy........

****sorry guys that I took so long but I got busy with my project that I did not have time to write until now but I hope you guys enjoyed it****

Bye bye love you all💙💙

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