Chapter 6: Convenience Store

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I left my third job last night. I should just find another or I can work at the teashop overtime. It's open for 24 hours after all.

After eating at Hyunjin's room, I left immediately to work at the teashop. He skipped his third day at work for some reason. Maybe he just didn't want to be with me. 

We didn't talk at all. He just let me eat and leave after. It was really awkward but I have to admit, I had to eat. I was so hungry that I couldn't resist.

When I came back to my room which used to be only mine, my witch of a roommate wasn't there so I was able to sleep peacefully and I actually got home earlier than usual.

It's finally Saturday and Saturday means working for the whole day and working for the whole day means more pay. I'm usually excited for this but not today. I feel so exhausted to be excited. I do work for money but I've just realized that I barely use money for food. I just feel like it would be a waste...

After working for the whole day, I have class at night. I'm barely even alive...What am I doing to myself?

Today, I didn't think of making myself look a little less like Jung Jinwoo anymore. I might just get criticized again.

"Jinwoo, take this to table 4," Sin said while handing me a tray full of goods. I'm starting to feel hungry again. When have I started to become so sensitive to hunger?

I carried the tray and just my luck. It's confirmed and no doubt, the world really hates me. Peach and Hyunjin are here again. What are they trying to scheme?

"Here are your orders, ma'am and sir," I spoke with spite. I don't know why but they're ruining my day. I hate seeing Hyunjin, I hate seeing Peach, and I just hate seeing them together, ugh.

"Thanks," Peach said with a fake bitchy smile. Everything about her is just so bitchy. Her name suits her well, I applaud to her parents.

Hyunjin didn't look at me, not even one glance. He really speaks words that he cannot keep. He talks shit and is shit. This world is full of fake people and liars. He's just one of the typical.

I went back doing my own business, trying not to get bothered by the two. There's not even one single reason why I should let myself get bothered. They're not worth my attention.

But seriously though, out of all restaurants where they could eat breakfast, why the hell here?

I felt someone tap my shoulder, I turned and saw that it was just Woojin. "Yes?"

"You haven't eaten breakfast yet, right? Eat first. I'll handle your part for the meantime," he said. I raised an eyebrow at him and he continued, "You don't want to faint again, right?"

"I'm fine."

No, actually, I'm starving but I have too much pride to admit it.

"Fine, just keep in mind that I warned you." He left me with a cold gaze. I should be sulking since everyone hates me but that's not the case for me.

After a while, Hyunjin and Peach already left and my shift also ended. I changed into my casual clothes before leaving the restaurant to go to my next job, the teashop.

Does Hyunjin work today too? I hope not...

But to my misfortune, he is there. He's already changed into his uniform and Peach is watching him dearly with loving eyes.

Do I really have to deal with this through my whole shift? That's just amazing.

The shop became easily packed once again and of course, it's because of him, again. I guess his attractiveness wasn't for nothing.

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