"Let me go you fucking asshole." Her voice fit her vaguely nymphet appearance. He couldn't tell if she was a teenager with a fake ID or just a baby face. He was leaning towards the idea of her being a teenage girl. She wore a pastel pink tennis skirt and a light purple crop top that spelled out something Geoff couldn't make sense of in his state. It wasn't the only thing on her chest he had missed that night. He also seemed to not take note of the tiny grey heart on the left side of her chest.

"Let go of her." If Geoff hadn't had any alcohol, there wouldn't have been a chance in hell that he would've involved himself with the situation. Had Geoff been sober, he probably wouldn't have had the nerve to even think about coming over. His sober self would've watched in pain as Grace was tugged out of the bar to god knows where to do god knows what. Perhaps there was a plus side to being intoxicated after all.

"And what if I don't?" The man practically taunted the two of them with his words. Geoff made a promise in that moment, not only to himself but to Grace. He wouldn't let any harm come to her tonight or ever again. He didn't know then that it would be a promise he would forget the following day but still somehow honor for the remainder of his days of his life.

"I didn't ask you." Geoff smirked cockily, deflecting the man's poor excuse for a rebuttal back at him. Geoff didn't notice Chloe getting increasingly worried, looking back at the three of them. In her gut, she felt something bad was going to happen. Her first instinct was to jump to her feet and try and diffuse the problem that was happening before her eyes. Her feet felt like lead. She was trapped in the boot she sat in, watching the scene fold out in front of her like a bad horror movie. All she could do was hope that nobody got hurt but deep down, she knew she was lying to herself.

"You don't want to mess with me kid." There was no way that the other guy was older than Geoff. Geoff might've died when he was twenty-six the first time around but in this timeline, he was twenty-nine. It was a thought that almost terrified him. He would be turning thirty no matter what happened before he died this time around. It was never a birthday he saw himself making it to. The man looked to be twenty-five at best. It was likely that he mistook Geoff for younger than he was which was something he was far too used to. He often got carded when he went out for a drink.

"Leave him out of this Eric." Grace was in no position to be making demands and a part of her knew that. The grip on her wrist tightened, causing a yelp to come out of her mouth. She had no doubts that come tomorrow, she would have an ugly purple mark across her wrist. It was like a very ugly bracelet or temporary tattoo. Usually similar marks were given to her under happier circumstances. It wasn't the first time her and her partner had gotten into a screaming match in public but this had been the first time someone was stupid enough to get involved. She was fine with being on the receiving end of the blows as long as nobody else had to be.

"You're not leaving with her." Geoff insisted, taking a step towards the couple. He made the mistake of looking up at the other boy. Anyone with a set of eyes would've been able to tell that this fight was already lost. The other person was taller and probably much stronger than Geoff. If the scars were any indication of the amount of fights he had been in, he beat Geoff in that area as well. Geoff was too drunk to remember the other guys name. He was too drunk to have any sense of fear. The room had stopped spinning but his sense of judgement was nowhere to be found. Gone were his anxieties. Maybe if he was lucky, they would never come back.

"What are you going to do about it?" Geoff hadn't the slightest clue. He was kind of just hoping he could talk his way out of the situation. He had never been in a fight before and hadn't really intended to break his streak now. Had Awsten been in a fight before? Geoff thought that he might've but doubted he won all too much. He was too tiny and Geoff was pretty sure he could fling him over his shoulder if he had to. "Sit on me?" The jab stung but the feeling was nothing compared to what he felt bubble in his chest. Pure rage.

"Come on fatty." When Geoff was alive the first time around, he had anger issues. His parents realized this at a young age when he would curl his hands into fists at his sides and start to shake out of rage. As a teenager, he would often have fits of intense anger and punch holes in the walls. Somewhere along the line, his dad stopped trying to fix them. Whenever he would, another would appear just a couple days later. Geoff was constantly paranoid about hurting someone he loved. He had a side of himself that he refused to share with the rest of the world. "What's going to happen? You're gonna eat me."

He wasn't in control of his actions anymore. He lunged towards the taller boy and threw the first punch. His fist connected with the boys shoulder and hurt him much more than Eric. The lack of pain didn't stop Eric from throwing a punch back at Geoff. It collided with his mouth, busting open his bottom lip. The vague taste of metal entered his mouth but he paid it no mind, landing a punch instead on Eric's right eye. The other boy cursed and ran at Geoff, knocking the two of them and a nearby table to the floor.

"Eric!" His punches kept flying into the other man's gut. His lip was fucking killing him. Eric had him pinned for a few moments, throwing swing after swing at Geoff. He landed one on his eye and smirked, knowing that the other boy would have a bruise. He didn't have a doubt in his mind. "Eric! Stop!"

"Geoff!" It didn't matter how much Chloe was screaming for him to stop. His confidence allowed Geoff to flip the two of them over, forcing himself on top of the stranger. Geoff wasn't aware of his actions anymore. He was like a video game character being controlled by a player; throwing punch after punch at Eric without any regard for what was happening. Every now and then, Eric would land a punch on his ribs. "Geoff! Get off him!"

A set of arms pulled the two men off of each other. Before Geoff could defend his drunken stupidity, Chloe informed the bouncer that they were just on their way out. She apologized for Geoff, shooting the bouncer a look of sincerity. She grabbed the boy's hand despite his grumbling protests that he could've won the rest of the fight. In her other hand, she held the hand of the pink haired girl. She led the pair out of the bar, leaving the bouncer to deal with the other half of her hectic evening. It was going to be a long night.

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