Part 70 - A life within

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"Get up!" My slumber was awoken and I was kicked in the stomach, My eyes shot open to see a barrel of a gun at my head. My eyes darted around the room to find the others, I sat up and saw them gagged and bound in a line by the front door, my glance shifted to Gareth. "Shit" I mumbled "I said get up!" I was yanked up from the floor by one of the members of Terminus and my arm was twisted behind my back. "Ow! you have to do that! you got a fucking gun in my face of course I'm gonna do what you tell me, asshole!" I yelled, my arm killed, the man kicked my legs out and sent me falling to my knees, he pulled out a handkerchief and went to gag me "Leave her." Gareth began. "She'll walk with me" he finished, a smirk crept across his face, he put one hand on his hip and a gun in the other. What a creep. One by one the residents of Terminus pulled each member of my group and took them out of the door, I woman was even holding Judith who began crying "Let me take her, please" I begged holding my arms out I saw Rick look at me and give me a nod. The woman exchanged a glance with Gareth, he nodded and she passed Judith to me, her crying stopped instantly. I bobbed her up and down, to try and keep her calm. I stood up with Judith and began to follow the others out but Gareth blocked my path, he began to edge towards me, causing me to back away each time until I was backed up against the wall. He moved closer to me "You're very beautiful you know" He stated, this time bringing his hand up and placing it flat on the wall next to me, "So are you and Rick? Together?" he asked, he moved in closer, I moved Judith to the side of my body and placed her on my hip, "That's none of your business" I retorted. He began to trace shapes up and down my arm, I wanted to flinch, and get as far away as possible from him, but I couldn't show that I was afraid of him "I know you're scared, but you don't have to act around me" he declared, "I've been in this situation before, I'm not scared of you, like I said its none of your business" I stated sternly, he began to chuckle "Well... that's were you're wrong, it is my business, I need to know who the father is" he said bluntly. Wait what? "What are you talking about?" I moves away form under him and walked towards the door "Your blood test came through, you're pregnant." Everything seemed to go in slow motion, I'm... no I couldn't... I couldn't be could I? Flashbacks of Lori came flooding through my mind, how she died. "I don't believe you" I said, still in the same spot of the room. Gareth just chuckled. My eyes darted towards Rick's rucksack, I walked towards it and went rummaging through, maybe he kept that pregnancy test? I kept trying to add everything up, now that I think about it, I was late and I kept having sickness problems. I found the test and ran to the bathroom with Judith. Gareth remained in the same spot, that asshole was enjoying this!

After waiting in the toilet for three minutes, thought it felt more like hours, I looked down at the test and saw the little pink cross that told me I was pregnant. Tears began to stream down my face, causing my vision to blur, I quickly wiped them away and and left the bathroom, I couldn't let Rick know, we needed to escape Terminus first, if we escape, he's got a lot on his mind. "Let's go preggers" Gareth joked as he was waiting by the door. I nodded but placed Judith down on the floor, as I stood up, I lunged for Gareth and pinned him up against the wall, "Call me that one more time and I'll put you through that window, understand?" I threatened, he chuckled once more. "Woah okay, wow there's already a lot of sexual tension between us, I like it" "Shut up" I ordered "I know you think I'm attractive, you're just not comfortable with it yet" I let go of him and picked up Judith once more and stormed out of the house. As I walked on I began to freak out again, I was carrying this life inside of me, I can't have a baby like this, what if I died, like Lori did, our group didn't have any doctors, no where to have the baby, I couldn't give the group one more baby to care for. I couldn't have this baby. I'm not ready to be a mum, I'd be a useless mum, I can't even look after myself let alone another little life. What am I going to do.

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