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She walked down the school halls with her teddy bear in her hand. She had a habit of taking it with her everywhere. People always said to her "Get rid of it" but she never listened because she loved the thing to death.

She stops at her private teachers door and knocks on it. She didn't even know why she was here past her bedtime... it could get her in trouble. Even though she didn't care.

"Come in," a deep voice says. She opens the door and sets her book bag down on one of the desks. The teacher eyes her carefully as she made her way toward the clear desk that separated them.

"Why are you here?" The woman says.

"Sorry to bother you Ms.Knowles but my parents got in a fight and I wanted to hang out with you," the girl says lying straight through her teeth. Her teacher looked up and down at her body, almost certain she was here for something else.

"Oh that's alright Onika. Although, I'm not sure why you're wearing this type of clothing in an area for children." The older woman smiles as she looked all the stuff in the room for the littles.

"I-I'm—" She squeaks out. Her legs and hands shake from her teachers hand going up the short fluffy skirt she had on. "Miss... this isn't appropriate."

"You think it's appropriate to come to my room, at 8:30 pm and tell me what's appropriate. I don't think you've learned your lesson from today in class."

"I did! I'm sorry... I was just saying." Onika looked down as her teacher looked at the little exposure her bra had under her tight shirt.

"I don't think your parents would like it if I tell them about what your wearing and how—"

"Please! Don't tell me them I— you don't wanna wake them up."

"I thought they were fighting..." Onika swallowed...

"They're probably asleep right now."

"Stop lying to me Onika. What's the real reason you came here?"

"I-I just wanted to hang out with you..." Onika's lip quivered as her teacher came closer to her. Her cheek was caressed before she was kissed on the cheek. Onika's eyes traveled until they met the eyes of the one person who made her question her entire existence.

"You didn't have to lie, lying is bad. Where does lying get you in this school?"

"I-In time out."


"And you get a punishment with no kisses."

"Alright, now you know the drill."

"I don't wanna spanking, you hit too hard."

"It wouldn't be a punishment if it was soft hits, now do what I say. Bend over my desk."

"Ms.Knowles I'm sorry, I'll just go home... I—" Onika's ass was palmed so hard she rolled her eyes in the back of her head. "M-FUCK!" 

"Now we're saying bad words at school?" The older woman flipped up the skirt that was on the littles body and took a look at the red spot she had made. She liked punishing bad girls like Onika.

"I'm sorry.... forgive me."

"I'll forgive you if you take your punishment like a good girl."

"I can do that."

"Annd, you have to sit by me from now on. I saw what you and Cassie were doing yesterday."

"Okay," Onika says hanging her head sadly.

Beyoncé gets a think paddle from her classroom closet. She looks at an eager Onika who is moving her legs back and forth as she waits.

"Stop moving or I'll tie you down," Beyoncé says calmingly.


"You ready?"


Onika closes her eyes before she feels the paddle against her ass.


Anndddddd that's where it stops because I got another idea. Idk if I should keep this up but what the heck. I'll be working on something else tonight.



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