One Day Without You

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There ain't a day that I ain't thinking about you

There's not a day that I'm not missing you

Even though it's been forever

I just need a big old hug and you telling me its gonna be okay

I wish I could see you right now

I've been needing some advice lately

I need you to tell me no one deserves me

I just wanna be sitting right beside you

I need you to teach me how to shoot a gun

Tell me all about the dangers of riding a four-wheeler

I just need your arm around me 

I just want to watch one more baseball game with you

You deserved to be able to hold your grandson

But I'm sure you're holding the one that's never been born

You raised me and my brother like we were one of yours

Even though we weren't yours I believe we were

Cause you loved us more than anyone us could

You might cuss us up and down cause we did something wrong

But there aint a day that goes by that I wish you were here

Your family treats me better than mine ever did

But I believe its cause of you loving us as you did

Man, I need to tell you about everything

It's been a long nine years without you

It never gets better as life goes on

Cause you wanna go back and tell them everything that has happened

I feel like you're still here sitting next to me 

But its hard to talk cause you wont respond

I lost you when I was a child

But I'm all grown up now

I kinda wish you would let me know if you're alright

I wish you were here so I could cry on your shoulder

So I'm just gonna tell you everything right now

There was a boy who treated me real good

But something happened and now we're just friends

I wish you would have met him and scared the hell out of him

Mom and I haven't been getting along lately

And I wish I could tell you because

You would give me some advice

It may not be the best but I always trusted you

Apparently I am a wilder child than my brother was

but how can I help it because its in my nature to be

All I wanna do is hang out with my friends

And live life to the fullest

I wish I could talk to you and help you around

I knew it was better for you to go 

So you wouldn't have to struggle anymore

But that doesn't make the pain go away

I wish I could turn around and see you sitting in your chair

I wish I could hear your voice once more 

I wish you could still give me your advice

I wish I could get you to meet people that are important to me

There aint a day that I don't think about you

I still look at pictures of us when I feel bad

We were lucky to have you while we could

I just want you to tell me if I was dumb or not

If you could send me signs and tell me if I should do something or not

That would be great because i don't know what to do anymore

I feel like you would tell me he never deserved you anyways

But you would have scared the hell out of him

I just wish you were here to do your part in my life

I wish I could hear about stories from your childhood

I wish I could hear about how you hated my mom 

And tell me everything you knew

I just want to visit you right now

And tell me what to do

Cause I don't know anymore

But I have a feeling you would knock some sense into me

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