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NiallHorny: can we go out tonight? the weather is nice and i want to meet someone.

LiamPayne: sure. it'd be nice to get out of the house. 

Zayniac: i'm not babysitting him if he gets drunk.

LiamPayne: you won't have to haha.

TopTommo: i'll get drunk with niall so i can babysit him.

StylishStyles: that would make no sense.

TopTommo: it would cancel shit out.

StylishStyles: you make no sense. 

TopTommo: but you love me anyway. 😋😋

NiallHorny: focus!!

NiallHorny: what should i wear? i want to be irresistable.

Zayniac: then wear a mask of my face.

NiallHorny: i said irresistable not ugly.

LiamPayne: shut up!! zayn is gorgeous.

NiallHorny: yeah yeah. just go get ready.

"Does he actually want a relationship or is he just into one night stands?" Louis asked, trying to find a shirt.

"He has had relationships but they've all sucked. I think he's given up on them but I'm pretty positive if the right guy or girl comes around then he's going to put them on lock." Harry replied, sliding a gray shirt on.

Louis looked back at him and watched as Harry ran a finger through his hair so the curls went smoothly down over his shoulders, "Your hair is so fucking pretty, Harry." 

Harry smiled at him through the mirror, "Your face is so fucking pretty."

"Keep looking at me like that and we aren't going anywhere."

Harry laughed, "Put your clothes on, asshole."

They met up with the other three outside of their favorite club about nine thirty that night. It was early for them but they wanted to get out of the house. They were anxious to breathe in the fresh air before smelling the air that consisted of alcohol, smoke and sweaty bodies.

"Good luck tonight, Niall." Harry said, patting the blonde on the back.

Niall grinned before disappearing into the dark club. The only lights were the lights from the bar where people sat or ordered drinks. There were light globes on the ceiling that spun around on the dance floor but for the most part there were no lights.

"You stay by me tonight." Louis whispered, wrapping his arm around Harry.

Harry would never get over how Louis protected him seeing how much smaller than he was than Harry but he had no complaints. Not when Louis' arm was around him pressing him to his side.

Harry put his arm over Louis' shoulders as they followed Liam and Zayn to a back booth. Harry slid in to the wall and Zayn slid in across from Harry.

"Louis and I are going to get some beers. We'll be right back."

"Stay right here." Louis instructed.

"He's not a baby." Zayn told him.

"He's my baby so." Louis replied, sticking his tongue out.

Harry laughed but Zayn just rolled his eyes. The two disappeared into the crowd.

"So," Zayn began, "How is it living with Louis?" 

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