Chapter 5

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Liam POV
A kid  she has a kid ? I stared a the little girl next to her for a long time, the little girl turned around  she caught me staring at her she looked at me and smiled I quickly looked a way and started drinking my coffee she looks so familiar I thought , well of course she looks familiar she looks just like makayla but there something else I just can't quite put my finger on it, a poke on my leg interrupted me from my thoughts  I looked down to see it was the little girl poking my leg

"Hi" she said shyly I looked at her she had the most  beautiful blue eyes so familiar I snapped out of my thoughts " hello" I replied " uh can I have your  cookie" She said as she pointed to my cookie on the table, I really wanted my cookie so  I took Antonio's and handed it to her. " dude that's mine" he said " oh shut the hell up" I replied blank face. 

Makayla's POV 
" Ok makayla you got the  job  can start tomorrow" the blonde said " ok I'll see you tomorrow then" i said "cmon avianna let's go" I Reached out my arms  to pick up  my daughter only to realize she wasn't there oh no where is she , I looked up and scanned the cafe  , ah there she is I sighed in relief but she's with him uh oh I quickly walked over to the table and they were all staring  at me, avianna turned around to see what they were looking at her eyes widened when she saw me .

I stared at her with narrow eyes and my arms crossed she hated when I did that because she knows she in trouble , she immediately started to cry "I sorry ma ma" she sniffed " I just wanted cookie" she cried holding up the cookie damn now I feel bad " I crouched down to her height  " it's ok baby but you really scared mommy you can't just run off like that what if something happened to you then mommy would be sad" I said in a gentle voice " sorry ma ma" she hugged me tightly

The other  men at the table went back to talking  expect Liam  who was glaring at me with a frown on his now red face he looked pissed  did I do something wrong  shit !! Does he know ?

Hey 👋🏾 this chapter was short but it's Friday and I'm tired but anyways  thats Antonio at the top 😘
Let me know if there's any mistakes
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