Me, Myself, and My Five Other Twins (Picture of Detriphy)

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You know how a lot of people claim to have a crazy family? But really they've got a dog and a baby brother and are just saying it for attention? Well, I really do have a crazy family. And, I've got more than a dog and a baby brother.

I have six siblings. And not just normal siblings. All of my siblings (except for my baby brothers and baby sisters) and I are sextuplets. Yep. Six of us. And we pretty much look the same. Let me give you a rundown of my family.

There's my mom and my dad, both very loving and caring parents, albeit a bit hassled since we're actually a family of twelve.

Then there's the six of us. But, I'll get into that later.

After us, there are the younger siblings. Two sets of twins, one pair of boys and the other pair both girls.

Now, you're probably wondering 'What's with all the twins?!', right? Some sort of genetic thing, on my mom's side. She's got a twin brother and sister. So, really, it's sort of her fault, but none of us blame her. Life's interesting with so many kids who look the same.

Speaking of interesting, our mornings are quite exceptional.

"Get up, Deedee!" Mom's voice carries through my bedroom door. I've been up for an hour already. That's when Bernie gets up, and the minute she's up she starts blaring her stupid music.

"Where's that leather jacket of yours?" Bernie barges into my room.

I watch her from my spot, curled in my covers. Bernie is second oldest. Her full name is Bernadine, but she goes by Nadine. I call her Bernie just because I can. Bernie's face is pretty much the same as mine; pale skin, elegant brows, full lips, and grey eyes. Bernie hates being a twin, though. She doesn't like that fact that she's got three sisters that look the same as her.

"Which leather jacket?" I yawn, stretching and pulling myself out of bed.

"The one you wore to Aunt Winona's party."

Oh, that one. That's my favorite jacket! There's no way I'm letting her take it.

"Don't know. I think I left it at Riah's," I maneuver her out of my room and into the hall, grabbing a robe on the way.

"Oh," she pouts, "Well, if you find, I want to borrow it."

I fake a smile as she walks away. Yeah, right. You borrow that jacket and I'll never see it again.

Thankfully, the bathroom is free. I lock the door behind me and take a quick shower. When there's twelve people in one house, quick showers are required, even if you have more than one bathroom. I slip on my robe and scrub my head with a towel as I walk back to my bedroom.

I dress in a pair of skinny jeans (I find them to be very comfortable) and a band shirt. I slip on my lucky wristband and some socks that end up being mismatched. I can never keep pairs together...

"Deedee," someone knocks in my door.

"Come in!" I call as I comb out my hair.

Frankie pokes his head in the room. Frankie is the youngest of the six of us. His name's actually Franklin, but Frankie just fits him more. He looks like a masculine version of me. Grey eyes, pale skin, most of it's the same. It's strange how even though half of us are girls and the other half are boys we all managed to look pretty identical.


"Can I borrow your Escape the Fate shirt?"

Now, Frankie I trust with my clothing. It's nice how we're all fairly the same size. Frankie's a littler smaller and slimmer than the other two boys, which means he's close to my size. We often share clothing. In fact...I think these jeans are his...

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