Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

It's one of the best night sleep I ever have and wake up feeling wonderful. When I check the time, I even realise it is ten thirty. I haven't slept this late since I lived alone as Andrew was always up early and wasn't quiet about it.

Rolling out of bed, I hop into the shower before dressing back in the tracksuits, top and hoodie Jake gave me. It still smells like his aftershave and I can't help feeling cosy in the clothes.

Emerging from the room, having quickly made the bed again, folded his clothes and set them at the end of the bed, I find Jake standing in a pair of tracksuits in the kitchen, making coffee. He is shirtless and I pause slightly at the sight, watching as his back muscles flex as he moves.

"Morning." I greet, walking in barefoot. He glances over his shoulder, giving a tired smile. In fact, he looks like he has just woken up as well.

"Hey. You want breakfast?" He asks, handing a mug out to me.

"Please. I'm starving." I admit, sipping my coffee as I take a seat on one of the bar stools.

"Bacon and eggs?"

"Sounds good."

I watch as he works, scrambling the eggs and fry the bacon before putting toast on. When it gets set in front of me, my stomach rumbles embarrassingly loudly.

"I'll take that as a compliment." He muses, making me roll my eyes as I dig in. We eat in silence and when I finish, I chew my lip before giving a small cough.

"I booked my flight this morning."

"Oh?" He asks, pausing with his mug halfway to his mouth and his eyes connect with mine, yet his face is blank.

"Yeah. I leave tonight. It means I can get back to work tomorrow and as I'm guessing I'll need to take days off until we get this sorted, I can't waste them." I say, not admitting it was my dad who had suggested it.

"Ok. You know, I can get you free flights. If I'd know you were booking it, it would have saved you paying. Did you get the refundable one?" He questions, not giving me the response I wanted.

"No. It's ok, I don't mind." I assure, making him shrug. "I'll phone my lawyer tomorrow and I'll get him to get in contact with yours."

"Shawn is mine." He says, making me look at him in surprise.

"Mine is a guy I went to university with. I see we are both benefiting from the friend and family discount." I muse, yet feel weird.

"Seems so. I'll give you his card if you want." He says, yet is already reaching for the pile of papers at the edge of the counter and rummages around before handing over a business card. I glance at it before nodding slightly.


He nods, yet doesn't get a chance to reply before there is a knock on the door. He doesn't even seem to realise he is shirtless and he goes to answer it and comes back a moment later with a pile of clothes on hangers.

"What time is your flight?" He questions, lying the clothes over the back of the sofa.


"I have the day off if you want to do any other tourist thing while you're here." He offers, yet isn't looking at me. I instantly perk at the offer, smiling.

"Really? You don't mind?"

"No. I live here. I might as well say I have done them." He says, shrugging as he grabs the plates from the counter.

"I'll do the dishes. You cooked." I offer, moving to the sink before he can protest. "And can I see Times Square and maybe the Brooklyn Bridge?"


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