Breaking Point

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"Is she waking up?"
"Oh, Aurora!"
"She's here!"

My mind wandered across the fuzzy world, odd lights blaring in my eyes and shadows towering over me. "What?" I thought as the images got clearer. Two... no three people all standing around me. A woman. A man. A... doctor?

"Can you hear me?" He spoke through his mask, shining another light within my eyes. I wanted to answered but a huge clear tube was lodged in my throat, sending me into panic when I realised. My hands felt so weak, like gravity dragged them towards the ground. "Let me get that." He placed his hands on my mouth with ease and wiggled the tube out as I gagged and chocked on the horrible feeling. I blinked and his face lit up.

"How are you feeling?" I murmured a 'good' and gradually sat up, the drips and wires guiding me back onto the hospital bed. "It seems she can't understand me." The doctor explained, scribbling on his clipboard. "But I answered you..."  I thought, my head throbbing with pain. The woman and man held hands and smiled widely at me.

Who are they again?

"Oh my sweet Aurora," She whispered, her hair soft against my cheeks as she held me in an embrace, "How we have missed you. After this, let's go home."


Where is my home?

My eyes bursted open and that same familiar light blasted into my vision. "Here we go again..." I thought as familiar faces lurked above me worriedly. The urge to jump out of bed sprung into my mind and I heavily considered it, weighing my options with consequences. "Are you alright, Aurora? You had us all worried." Kelly asked from before me, her chocolate skin glowing in the artificial light. "Yeah, yeah. Fine." I muttered, already sitting up within the white bed and setting my bare toes against the cold, sterilised floor beneath. "Do you need help? I can get you to—"
"I'm fine Kelly! I'm not a child!"

Kelly sat back down into her seat and pondered, biting on her plump lips as she clicked her pen again and again. "Let me get something from the storage. You're free to leave if you are fine." She spoke, her white heels clipping across the floor as she strode towards another corridor. As soon as her footsteps quietened, I whipped my head towards the door on the other side of the room, smiling from ear to ear. "I could just leave this place..."

My arms rammed into the doors and I was surprised that I didn't break them, zooming up the elegant staircase and not wanting to shift into shadows. "I need to get to my bedroom before Dad slaughters me. I would rather get killed than to read one more Daemonic verse." My feet pounded on the wooden floor of the corridor, my chamber in sight.

"I'll get changed... pack my bags and—"


I skidded to a halt and sighed. "What do you want?" Swivelling on my heels, I faced my father. Not my father. My childhood friend, Theo.

"Theo? What are you doing here?" His silver hair was swept over his icy eyes, his cute freckles dotted on his pale skin. He fiddled with his bracelet, the sapphire gem glinting in the early sunlight. "I just wanted to see you in the infirmary but I see you're out."
"What would you do that?"
"I honestly don't know. I feel like I've seen you before but I can't seem to figure it out. That's why I wanted to see you."
"What's that on your wrist?"
"This? A bracelet to remember a friend. She's been gone for a long time now. You remind me of her."

My throat closed slightly as I pondered on the statement for a few seconds, looking at his confused eyes. The bandages on his arms were now gone from the last time I had seen him, replaced with new ones around his wrists and neck.

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