Chapter 28 ~HarryUpdates~

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Liked by @LarryBitch @LARRYALLTHEWAY @CelebNews and 5,837,987 more

HarryUpdates Harry on a yacht yesterday. Is that a little bump that I see?

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LarryBitch Yeessss, omfg if he is what I think he is, I'm going to die.


harrystyles Hmm?

LarryBitch Are you pregnant??!?! @harrystyles

harrystyles ?!?!

CelebNews that would be a very good story.

gemmastyles @harrystyles Get your ass home right now!!

ElounorLover If he is pregnant, which I doubt, he should get an abortion because he's a freak and any baby born to him is a disgrace!

LARRYALLTHEWAY Shut the fuck up^!!!!

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