"I'm going to rip your heart out of your puny chest!" He came at me with his claymore aimed for my chest.

I yelped and dodged the stab attack.

Aidoneus skilfully swung the blade down towards my neck. It was in a position for a clean shot to my Adam's apple.


Lita's glinting short sword stopped his blade's momentum inches away from my throat.

I rolled out of their path and into the clear line of sight of the BHT banshee redback spider gang.

My hands grabbed a fist full of shrill marbles and pelleted advancing banshee to make them implode. Glitter filled the air.

Meanwhile, I spied Lita still locked in a spar with Aidoneus; her short sword breaking his blade's long-range attacks. He surprised her when his claymore instantly transformed into a pair of sais. They continued their fight on an even level.

She danced around his swipe attacks to skilfully apply her own, only to be blocked by his low angle swings or other unorthodox stab attacks. His sparring was rapidly exhausting her arms. He attacked ferociously.

Maniacal brown eyes were fixed on hers with purpose. She gasped when his eye colour gradually filled to an evil red the harder they fought. He moved faster, stronger and more brutal.

Her voice involuntarily cried out with pain when a sai attack slashed across her arm, knocking her sword out of her hands. She slumped to the ground, gripping her bleeding arm tight. 

Aidoneus's attacking form was raised with the pair of silver sais—held in sinew black-gloved fingers— about slice off her head.

"Ihes egin ezazu orain!"  Wilfred shouted. "Bastard!"

Aidoneus went flying away from Lita before he could land the killing blow.

"KILL THEM ALL!" He vehemently spat out, picking himself up for another attack.

The chamber became a fierce battle arena.

Redback spiders shot web threads at moving targets and hitting dead air. They leapt for heads only to implode and fill the air with dirty silver glitter. Slashing leg attacks were blocked with razor sharp steel.

Chinking of steel on steel charged the atmosphere. The chamber stank of iron fillers, astringent spider guts, blood and sweat. Heat and pain were felt all around.

"FAMINE! DON'T YOU DARE RUN FROM ME!" Aidoneus shouted, pushing spittle out of his mouth.

He rushed at me with his claymore, intending to joust me to the wall.

I stood firm, replacing the shrills with the portspell pocket mirrors.

"Famine, what the heavens are you doing?! Move out of the way!" Death's frantic yelling in my head stirred prickly pain to my temples.

"Shuddup." I answered back, focusing on the pointed tip of X-man freak's claymore.

My hands opened the portspell. I positioned the mirrored top to the claymore's pointed tip and turned the bottom half toward Homburg Banshee's spider stomach.

"Not yet." I steadied myself as the tip raced closer toward the portspell.

My heart beats slowed as my mind became a single point of focus.

"Utz nazazu!" Words resounded about the charged air, carried on the back of a determined shout.

Aidoneus's claymore went piercing into Homburg Banshee's exposed stomach as he was rearing for a slash attack to Brystagg's head.

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