Chapter 48

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His being left the palaces of slumber as the fine strands tickled his nose. Daiyan groaned on getting his sleep disturbed, the thin fragrance of strawberry hitting his nostrils when he opened his eyes to see Safiya's curled up form close to him. They both were tangled up in each other, he could feel the warmth of her skin seeping to him through her loose t-shirt, his hand was placed on her waist securing her to himself and Safiya was clutching his shirt as if she didn't want him to let go.

As he moved his hand a little up, Safiya wiggled in his embrace, mumbling something in her sleepy voice. Her eyes were still tightly shut, her small lips forming an 'o' which he always found interesting to see. They both were living an awkward life nowadays. Because they were in Bhopal. When Safiya denied to accompany him to Salt and Sugar, Daiyan took the very last option from his list. He called Batool aunt!

After listening to everything Batool aunt was kind of accepting Safiya's decision because she was really weak and should do what she felt right. But this wasn't the Safiya he knew. His little girl didn't get scared over anything, she knew how to overcome her weaknesses. And this time, she was just scared and Daiyan had to change it. When Batool aunt felt that he was adamant of not leaving that topic anytime soon, she advised him to come to Bhopal. If they would be away from the restaurant, it wouldn't make such a big fuss.

There were no points for guessing that Safiya was more than frustrated over this decision and his wife had this weird habit of showing her anger with the twist of her lips whenever he looked at her or stomping the ground with her feet in his vicinity. All he could do was to enjoy her annoyance because this was the first time someone was showing him anger, though Safiya always did this but, now she was his wife.

Daiyan moved his face slightly closer to Safiya, placing a kiss under her ear forcing a groan out of her, "Let me sleep or I will kill you whoever you are." He pursed his lips as a smile crept to his features hearing Safiya's sleepy warning, nuzzling his nose on her jugular vein to annoy her some more.

"Will you really kill me?"

Safiya stopped her wiggling, perhaps trying to understand where she was and as she opened her eyes, Daiyan could hear her gasp of surprise.

"How can we end up tangled with each other every day?"

"Maybe you can't resist me."

Daiyan quipped pulling Safiya closer to him as she tried to get away from his embrace, rolling her eyes. "It's the other way around just like now." He raised his eyebrows at Safiya's answer while she gestured towards his embrace.

"You're not so good with excuses, little girl."

Safiya shoved out her tongue at him but quickly covered her mouth as a series of coughs started while Daiyan caressed her back to calm her down.

"Thanks but I'm still not on good terms with you."

"Ahan..." Daiyan nodded pursing his lips to hide his smile seeing her scrunched up nose as she rubbed it few times making it pink, "But when we are in front of Batool aunt then we are a loving husband and wife, remember?" Daiyan said placing a soft kiss on her nose, gently caressing her lower lip with his thumb as his eyes seemed to be stuck in her orbs which were now staring at him.

"That's the worst part because you are an over actor. Like you will become beetroot even when I pinch your cheek like this," A tinge could be felt on his cheek where Safiya had pinched him resulting a chuckle out of him, he was surely turning a darker shade of pink with her touch, "But in front of Dado, you will become the most romantic man on earth. You're so sly!"

Safiya punched his chest which caused an oomph from him as she finally broke the cage of his arm and quickly vanished inside the washroom not before twisting her lips at him.

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