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Tracy Koehler



It’s dark, save for the moonlight spilling through a window.

The moonlight casts as many shadows as it chases away. It’s


A WOMAN is lying in bed, on her side. The moonlight offers

glimpses of her but nothing concrete. We note that she has


A SOUND, possibly a door opening. Not sure. It’s QUIET again.

The woman stirs, rolling onto her back. Her brow is knotted,


Suddenly the covers are RIPPED OFF the bed. A FIGURE leaps on

top of her, straddling her. Her eyes SNAP OPEN, a SUDDEN

INTAKE OF SURPRISED BREATH. Surprise turns to terror in the

blink of an eye-

--A MUFFLED SCREAM as a GLOVED HAND covers her mouth.


The figure is wearing a dark mask. A FRANTIC HAND stretches

up, yanks the mask off his head-

--his face stares down at her in the moonlight. A nice face

turned evil under the circumstances. A LEERING GRIN.

He jerks his hand off her mouth and SLAPS her HARD across the

face. Her head SNAPS to the side.

He displays a strip of HEAVY RUBBER, slides it over her head,

clamps it over her mouth. Her LONG HAIR is pinned against the

sides of her face.

He GRABS her wrists, yanks them up over her head, and lashes

them together with another STRIP OF RUBBER.

He puts his mask back on. He pulls a KNIFE, long and

menacing. It GLINTS in the moonlight. A MUFFLED CRY as SHARP

as any blade.

He holds the knife between her eyes, waves it back and forth.

He LAUGHS. She stares at it through terrified eyes. He slowly

lowers the knife to her chest, between her breasts, down to

her stomach-

--and slides the knife up under her shirt. He turns it so the

blade is facing up.


He pulls it taught against her shirt, begins slicing the

shirt up the middle. He reaches the collar and the shirt

falls free.

He repositions the blade between the cups of her bra. Cuts

the strap. Her breasts are exposed to the moonlight.

He lays the knife between her breasts, the point facing her

chin. A MOAN escapes him. He grabs one of her breasts,

squeezes it, sucks on it.


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