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''Firs' years! Firs' years! Firs' years over 'ere!'' A gruff voice called, the origin of the voice was a seven-foot-tall man waving a lamp high above his head. Percy's shoulders tensed as he reached for his ring but Cho put a hand on his shoulder. 

''He's only half giant and not even a greek one. He's incredibly kind so it's fine.'' Percy calmed down and all intensity left, though with a trained eye you could tell that there was a slight tenseness in his stance. 

''Fir' years and a mister Percy Jackson and a miss Hannah Chique over here! Jackson and Chique!'' 

''That would be us, sir.'' Percy and Hannah walked over to the giant and he looked down. 

''Ah, there yer are! I was aboutta tell professor Dumbledore that they weren't 'ere! My name's Hagrid and I'm the Hogwarts gamekeeper!''

''Nice to meet you Hagrid!''

''I was told ta take yer guys with me to the school for tha sortin'.''

''Oh, well see you Hermy, Drakey, Looney, Nevvy, Chowy! Come on Honey... Hannah!'' Percy's face was thankfully hidden in the dark but Hannah's powers did not allow her to hide her joy and embarrassment. Flowers started to bloom around her, and magical ones which glowed bright red. the students cheered but Hannah looked down, hiding her face with her long fuzzy hair.

''Let's go!'' Hagrid started trudging towards the direction of the lake and the first years, as well as Hannah and Percy, rushed after the giant who's step was around three of theirs. The first years all sat on the self-rowing boat in fours but Percy had to sit on theirs by themselves. 

''Reminds me of Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. You know, that scene where they sing 'I see the light' on the boat with all the lanterns around them?'' Percy said excitedly.

''I know the story, but not the movie.''

''Aww, you're missing so much! We're definitely doing a Disney movie marathon! I wonder if the room of requirement will allow television? Well if it doesn't I'm putting one there anyway!'' Percy smiled and for a second his disguise melted away, revealing his magical eyes. Hannah sucked up her breath to admire her love. His rainbow coloured eyes shone with excitement and love, loyalty and knowledge. You can stare at them for a million years and wonder the next day, have I seen enough of it? Hannah feared that if she looked away, they would fade away, leaving only the sea green part of his eyes. Percy stared into Hazel's eyes as her own disguise melted away, revealing the ever-swirling colour of green, hazel and gold, but something was off, they didn't seem real anymore. 

''Hannah, your eyes, they're in disguise aren't they?''

She sighed and closed her eyes, then concentrated slightly, and opened her eyes. They became an amazing colour, making them look like the planet earth. 

''These are what my eyes actually look like

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''These are what my eyes actually look like. I was bullied for not being normal because of them. Do you hate me?''

''Why would I hate you? They're beautiful. Look at my eyes! They're a swirling mess of an odd bunch of colours! So are you going to hide them?''

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