Chapter 78

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Everybody makes them.

They are a part of what makes us human.

They make us imperfect: yet at the same time, they are one of the beauties of life.

Some mistakes are important. It we never made certain mistakes, we will never learn, never grow.

But some mistakes have a much larger margin of consequence. Some mistakes are blessings in disguise, but some are taboos.

The Shangri-La hotel was located along the coast of Utopia—or the city more commonly known as the Royal City.

Evelyn was a little confused when the driver began to drive out of the city, but she didn’t dare to voice her confusion and fears. Silently, she went with the flow.

She said nothing when Zayn lead her to her own penthouse suite, and she said nothing when she was greeted by the stylist, who had been waiting for her.

Zayn kissed her on the forehead and told her; Wear something beautiful… I will be back in an hour or so. I have a special date planned for us tonight.

His words had brought an overwhelming amount of fear and hope to Evelyn.

“You have beautiful hair,” said the stylist, who was in the ending process of pinning the top of Evelyn’s dark, curled hair up into an elegant bun, whilst leaving the bottom half of her hair, running free and flowing.

The vampire stylist had already painted Evelyn’s face in foundation and all kind of colors that enhanced her appearance to a level beyond the capabilities of her natural ability.

“Thank you,” Evelyn replied shyly, not knowing how to take the compliment.

But, she couldn’t help but agree. She had noticed how healthy she looked, and her brain sprang back to the fancy shop Zayn led her into when they first arrived in Utopia City—it was the first of many that day—and how he fed her his blood during the seduction.

She remembered that sudden rush of enticement.

How his touch lead to sparks and tingled exploding along her flesh.

How his body ignited her darkest primal desires and overridden the purest part of her conscience.

The taste of his exotic and enthralling blood lingered in her mouth.

Her brain flashed back to when Harry had tried to explain the process of turning a human—when he was escorting her to the Royal Palace the first time. But because of the attack of the rebels, he never finished the explanation… But she did remember him saying something about consuming vampire blood.

Am I a vampire now, because Zayn gave me his blood? She wondered. But the idea sounded so ridiculous that she couldn’t contain the tiny giggle that tickled her throat. If a vampire’s blood was the only thing needed to turn a human, then I would have turned into a vampire the first time Harry fed me his blood.

Her heart strings danced a little at the thought of Harry…

She missed him, dearly.

As the stylist ran strokes of a comb down Evelyn’s silky curls, the human’s heart ached for the vampire who had always been kind to her, always treasured her opinions and always shown respect for her, and the respect was returned.

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