Chapter 56

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"Kill him? Are you insane?" I asked Sebastian. "You can't just kill Viktor! It doesn't just happen like that; it's not that easy. You know a little of how powerful he is but even with all of us together, I doubt it would be enough to take him down and kill him. Especially not without one or all of us being destroyed in the process. You're out of your damn mind." Sebastian sighed and said, "You're the most powerful vampire sorceress I've ever even heard of, Sash. You're seriously going to stand there and tell me that you're not capable of it? That you couldn't take him down? You can drop a man to his knees with barely a thought."

I heard Drogo chuckle saying under his breath, "That's for damn sure; in more ways than one." I blushed and looked over sideways at him, before my gaze returned to Sebastian. "It really isn't that simple, Seb. Viktor is powerful in his own right. His influence is considerable, especially over his creations; all of the vampires in this manor fall under that. Even if I wanted to, I'm not so sure I could turn on him. He is smart Sebastian and so very powerful; more than you or even the brothers know. I promise you, not even with all of my powers and strength, could I just attack him and win. Not even with all of your help," I said, motioning around the room.

"There has to be a way, Sash. You know he's not indestructible. There is always a way. Use the time we have to come up with a way; a plan to destroy him. He cannot be allowed to rule the underworld. He cannot be allowed to take you as his Bride. He obviously can't get you pregnant right now; what's already done is done there, but he cannot be allowed to take you, along with the child either." Hissing and snarls came out of the brothers at the thought of Viktor stealing away me and the baby. Even if it wasn't his, he would still bend it to his cruelty to be used as a weapon. That or he would destroy the child. My child. Our child. "Ok." "Ok?" Sebastian clarified. "Ok, we kill him. I don't have any clue on how yet, but you're right. He has to die, even if not for the sake of me and the baby, but for the rest of the world."

I heard a laugh and turned to see Drogo dropping down into one of the arm chairs. "Well, this has turned out to one of the most interesting days of my existence. A vampire pregnancy and a growing plot to kill our father. Safe to say we won't be bored." I laughed and smiled at him. He flashed me his smirk and said, "Come here, Little Thing." I walked over to him and he pulled me down on his lap, wrapping his arms around me. I smiled at him and stroked his face. His smirk deepened and he leaned over to my ear to whisper, "You know it's mine, right? I mean I was the first one to have their way with you." A huge smile spread across my face at his teasing and I heard Sebastian make a strangled noise.

I laughed and when I looked up I saw both Nicolae and Peter scowling at Drogo. Sebastian was looking to the side, uncomfortable. "Seriously, TMI, Sash," Sebastian said after clearing his throat. I blushed and gave another little laugh. Looking back at the other two brothers I could sense a competition brewing on whose baby it was. I turned around and looked at Drogo, pointing my finger at him, saying, "It doesn't matter! We will all be there for this baby, once we have destroyed Viktor." Drogo scoffed. "Like hell it doesn't! How could you not want to pass this on," he said gesturing to his face. My head fell back on some delicious laughter, as I wrapped my arms around his neck. My cheeks were pink but I smiled at him in amusement, my eyes flashing their delight at his antics.

"Think again, baby brother. If age has anything to do with it, you're so out of the running on this one," Peter answered him with a mischievous look on his face. My eyes met his beautiful green ones and his softened when they looked at me for a moment. I smiled at him and my gaze shifted to Nicolae. The look that crossed his face was indescribable; his eyes were both soft and intense at the same time, gaining a little color to his own cheeks, while his mind played with the idea of the baby being his. In the end, his mind came to the same conclusion as mine; that the child would be loved unconditionally by all of us, no matter who had fathered it, but it was still intriguing to think about for him.

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