New Character: SCP-035 Final Part

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When You Break Up With Him

One day you walk in to interview Masky. But something was different, he wasn't talking just staring at you as soon as you walk in.

"Good morning SCP-035."

He doesn't say a word.

"Is everything alright?" You ask.

Then out of nowhere the lights turned off and all you could see was his face glowing sinisterly in the dark. And he let out an evil laugh.

He pounced on you and you screamed

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He pounced on you and you screamed...

"GUARDS GUARDS!!" The researcher yells.

"035 please get off me!!" You shouted. You never felt this scared in your life, you never thought Masky could do this to you.

You then blackout, and about an hour you wake up in the infirmary.

"What happened?" You asked the researcher.

"SCP-035 attacked you and you passed out. Are you alright?" The researcher asks.

"Y-yea I'm fine thank you."

Then a thought came to your head, what if he just using you. What if he lied to you from the first day. You felt really heartbroken at that moment, you should have known this would happen. His files did say that he was very manipulative and you felt really dumb to believe that he could change.

"I... Don't wish to interview SCP-035 anymore." You held back tears and your voice cracked up a bit.

"Alright Ms. Y/L/N I'll make sure this won't happen again." The researcher leaves you in the infirmary for you to rest. As soon as he leaves you let warm tears fall down.

What He Thinks After The Break Up

Its been four weeks since you saw Masky and honestly it still hurts. And you weren't the only one who was hurting.

Masky soon found out what he had done and he knew that you wouldn't want to see him anymore.

He refuses to talk to anyone and has been leaking black fluid mixed with his own tears all the time, making staff members clean it up a lot more than usual.

Moving On...

At first you didn't know what to do,
b/f/n (Boyfriend's Name) was one of the best things thats ever happened to you.

Your heart was broken and you felt alone and empty. Until one your best friends at the foundation notice you were sad, she asked what was wrong.

All you told her was you were going through a bad break up, of course you still couldn't tell anyone that you dated one of the SCP's. That and you didn't really want to talk about it.

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