Chapter 8

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⚫️⚪️🔘Chapter 8🔘⚪️⚫️

This chapter cover is pastries,when Olivia goes with Taylor and his mom they go to lot of shops and malls so that is one...ok well I hope you guys like this chapter! And next chapter will have a really good ending for the chapter! So comment 🌞


👗👗Olivia's (POV)👗👗

Soon Taylor's car came,and ray waited inside the shop as I got in the car.

His face was sweating,his eyes were watery I got in the car.

"Aren't you here a little early."I asked.

"I haven't met the friend I was looking for,something important came up,I couldn't face her! Now shutup and mind your own business!" Taylor says

We were both so quiet. Taylor's phone began ringing.

Taylor picked it up. It was my father.

"Oh hello?"Taylor said

"Aaah yeah,our troops? Ok the papers are in the garage."

"Yeah...the Aldredge! What? Wow okey..take them!"Taylor said.

He put down the phone.

"What happend."I asked.

"Nothing! It's time! Finally to kill the Aldredge!"said Taylor.

We finally got home.

Taylor seemed to be shaking!

Father and Taylor's father weren't here.

Taylor's mother came to me. "So did you guys enjoy your ride?"she asked.

"Yeah we did."I said softly.

She smiled.."come on we have to get going to our vacation!"she said.

I said bye to my mom,and then we started our ride.

We went inside a train and we all just sat,then we finally went to another far city.

We went inside museums. At night we went to the movies. Then we sat at a huge store.

And we sat down..In a place.

"Did we have fun?"Taylor's mother asked me and Taylor.

He smiled at me.

"Yeah but did you princess?"Taylor asked.

"Yeah I liked the movie we watched."I said.

"Yeah your a movie type, your always enjoying these things and that makes me really happy dear,well what about you mom?"Taylor said.

"I really liked how good they serve food here and the shopping malls!"Taylor's mom said.


Taylor's phone rang,but he turned it off.

"That mall we went to,did you see that place full-"Taylor's mother said.

But she got interrupted.


Taylor's phone rang again.but he turns it off.

"Of people and when they saw us! The rich amount they put in these hotels each wall shines the paint-"

she gets cut off again by Taylor's phone ring tone.


"Who is it Taylor?"she asked him.

"It's an important call,I have to take it."he says.

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