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MOST NIGHTS, GISELLE DIDN'T SLEEP. It wasn't because of what was going on around her, it was because of the voices circulating in her head. She didn't know how to silence them, but part of her didn't want to. She wanted to reach out to them and ask them what it was that was wrong, and proceed to help them. That was the kind of person that Giselle was, always had been. Even when Alaska Minerva had asked her to fight for her, kill for her. Giselle believed that it didn't matter what she had done in the past, as long as it was justified for a good reason. Otherwise, what was the point of it all?

She twisted and turned in the bed that was given to her, her jaw clenched as she slept. But the deeper and deeper that she fell into her slumber, she could feel herself being tugged along. As if someone was trying to reach her from the other side, or where ever the other heroes were. She didn't even know that they could reach out to her, not a lot of them even knew who she was. They didn't know her capabilities as a caster. They just knew that she was something different than the rest of them and that either made her a friend or a foe.

As her eyes rapidly moved beneath her eyelids, Giselle's surroundings shifted, and instead of the usual hues of blue that would encase her, it was a dim orange, with an infinite expanse of shallow water underneath the sky.

Her eyes furrowed together as she took in the area around her before she could feel a presence join her. She pressed her lips together as she inhaled through her nose, before slowly turning around to see the last person she ever wanted to see. A snarl appeared on her lips as she pulled her fist back, ready to slam it into the face of the man in front of her.

But he grabbed onto her fist and twisted her arm, causing her to part her lips and gasp in pain. Her eyes met with his and he watched as her eyes transformed into something completely different than he had ever seen before he let go of her. Giselle took her wrist in her hand as she rubbed it gently, watching as the man took a few steps in front of her as if he was lost in thought. But Giselle didn't believe that he deserved any kind of luxury for what he had done.

"Thanos," Giselle called to him, but the Titan didn't look back to her, instead, his eyes locked in on a structure; one Giselle didn't recognize. She knit her brows together curiously, wondering what it was that the man was thinking about.

"I never would have expected a child like yourself would hold such power. It makes me wonder how I had never crossed paths with you, you would've been a perfect child," Thanos commented, which made Giselle scrunch her face up in disgust. The Titan glanced over his shoulder at the young woman, giving her a strange look. "You remind me of my first child."

"I can hardly imagine someone loving you enough to grant you such a gift," Giselle snarled at him, which made the Titan chuckle to himself, which confused her even more.

"Her name was Hermoine, and, because of her, I am the man that I am now," Thanos explained to her, and she didn't understand what it was that he was attempting to accomplish by revealing this information. Because if she was as smart as she believed herself to be, she would use it against him. "Only a child when I first stumbled upon her in the woods of Titan, I thought she was innocent. But she was nothing of the sort, sent to me by a past . . . lover as a curse. She grew too powerful too quickly, and she fed me the idea of --"

"What?" Giselle cut him off. "Your grand plan of mass genocide? You had no true reason to kill those people but the will of a child and you expect me to believe it?" She let out a scoff as she shook her head. "I doubt it."

"It is when she was the owner of the infamous Pandora's Box," Thanos spoke as he faced her, and she shook her head lightly. "You may think that this story is a way for me to earn sympathy, I do not care how you view me. I don't give a damn about how anyone views me. I did what I believed was right, and I will always do as such."

"And what did it cost you, Thanos? Nothing, I assume," Giselle snarkily replied to him, which made the Titan appear in front of her and wrap his hand around her throat. The Caster gasped as he did, lifting her from the shallow water. Her hands shot for his large hand, clawing for her freedom. Thanos stared at her for a few seconds, before dropping her to the water. Giselle gasped as she attempted to get all the oxygen back into her lungs, and as she sat in the shallow water, a arm wrapped around her and lifted her up. As she looked at the figure, her lips parted and a tear slipped from her gaze, "Mantis?"

The alien only had a short moment to give Giselle a smile and caress her cheek, before she disappeared. Giselle's face contorted in sadness as she looked to Thanos, her face then proceeding to harden into a glare, "Where the hell did she go?"

"Doesn't it hurt, child?" Thanos questioned her, which made her furrow her brows. "To lose absolutely everything?"


author's note !


・゚゚・。 I apologize for the lack of updates with this story, i have been very heavily focused on school and work, seeing as I had three midterms I needed to study for. As most of you know, school and work come before writing, so thank you for understanding that. But here we are! I don't know where this chapter came from, but Mantis and Giselle have had a small reunion, as Giselle has come face to face with the Mad Titan. Giselle probably planned how to kill Thanos like three times in this chapter as she was in front of him, but can you guys guess where I'm going with this story and where all of the other Avengers are?

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

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