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A GIRL WITH BLOND HAIR RAN DOWN WHITE HALLS. Her hair flew behind her as she ran with a smile on her face. Behind her ran a boy with blond hair which was darker than the hair of the girl, he also wore a big smile on his face. He chased her down the halls in a playful manner. Finally the boy caught up with her and picked her up as he swung her around.

"Gotcha, Thea." he laughed as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "No. Let me down, Newt!" she giggled as he continued to spin her around. The boy named Newt didn't let the girl named Thea go as he continued to smile at her. Finally he set her down with the same smile on his face. The two lovers stood in front of one another as they stared into each others eyes.

"I love you." he spoke. Her grin grew wider, "I love you too." They leaned closer to one another until their lips finally met. Sadly, their kiss was cut short because of loud footsteps coming closer. The two of them parted with widened eyes as they sprinted to the side to hide from the people or person who were coming closer.

"I thought I heard something." spoke a confused guard as he scanned the corner. "There is nothing." spoke another one as he also looked around seemingly not spotting the two teenagers who were still hiding away. The first guard shrugged his shoulders and went away again, luckily taking his friend with him again.

"They're going to send me up soon." confessed Newt. Thea looked at him with a sad expression, "Me too. They said I will be send up soon too." she explained. Both felt guilty about their fates but neither could change them. "I will never forget you, Thea." he spoke with a sad voice. "And I'll never forget you, Newt. I could never."

They hugged one another before they parted ways, each one of them went to their own room. Neither of them were allowed to see one another but they still did, nothing could tear them apart or so they thought. The day came, for both of them to be sent up.

"My mind is about to be erased, I don't want to forget ya." he spoke with sadness. "I don't want to forget ya either." a strangled sob escaped her lips. "I love you and I will find you again, I promise you Thea. I will find you again and then we can be happy again." "And I will find you again. And I will be with you again."

It was the last time two of them parted ways, it was the last time they would see each other again for years. With heavy hearts they walked down the halls of the WICKED facility, tears were about to spill. Thea arrived in the room where her mind would be erased. Teresa stood there with sadness on her face.

"Where are the others?" chocked Thea out. "Already gone, I'm sorry Thea." spoke the dark haired girl. "Wait, why are you still in doctors' attire?" quizzed Thea with confusion as she looked at the girl in front of her. "I-I won't be going up." stuttered the girl out, it was hard for her to betray one of her closest friends.

"What?" gasped the blond out. "I'm sorry." Thea didn't even realise how Teresa already had a syringe in her arm, putting liquid into it. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." mumbled Teresa constantly with much guilt into her voice.

"Promise me, Teresa. Promise me you will take care of him, you will take care of him. You will watch out for him, promise me. Please take care of him for me. Please. Please." the blond girl slowly faded out of consciousness as tears brimmed down her face.

"I will try my best, I will try my best Thea." promised Teresa as she saw how her best friend passed out. "I will try my best Thea, I promise you." And with that Thea passed out completely. The next time the girl would regain consciousness she would be in a box which would bring her to a place later called the glen with the feeling that something was missing.

Newt was on his way to his personal 'doom'. He entered the room and saw Thomas standing besides a chair. "Hey Tommy." spoke the blond boy as he came closer to his friend. "Hey, sit down." said Thomas as he took a syringe in his hand.

Newt sat down on the chair as he looked at his friend, realising that he was still wearing his doctors' coat and attire. "Why are you still dressed like that?" questioned the boy with furrowed eyebrows. "Because I am not being send up today." explained Thomas with a guilty voice as he injected liquid into Newt.

"Wait, what? Why?" interrogated the confused and now drowsy boy, he felt betrayed. "I'm so sorry Newt. But it's not my time yet." explained Thomas as he stepped away from his friend. "But you said-" stuttered the blond boy in confusion. He thought Thomas was being send up with them.

"I'm not supposed to, I'm sorry."

"But we are supposed to be sent up?"

"Sadly, yes."

Newt was speechless. Betrayal. Betrayal filled his thought, the thought of betrayal. "Promise me something Tommy. Take care of Thea for me, watch out for her. Please. For me."

"I will. It's the least I could do."

"Thank you."

The blond boy felt drowsy, he was losing consciousness as he drifted away. "No problem." mumbled Thomas as he saw how his friend closed his brown eyes. The next time he opened them, the thought of betrayal was forgotten but he like Thea felt like something was missing. And years later, he would be reunited with the person he saw as someone who betrayed him.

That day many people were sent up into the experiments but two made a difference. Newt and Thea weren't like the others. Thomas and Teresa tempered with the liquid which would be injected into them. Sadly they only had time to make two vials, meaning they could only do this to two people.

They made sure that Newt and Thea could get their memories back at one point. They could get them back by sparking memories, maybe by a reunion. Someone who was considered as a glue and someone considered as a dreamer were supposed to be reunited, it was planned by two people who were thought of as betrayers by their friends.

Newt and Thea parted from their hug. Memories came flooding back to them as they remember part of their past, something which they should have forgotten. Their eyes lit up as they looked at one another. Big grins made their way onto their faces, they remembered. Their memory was pure and full of interesting information.

"I remember you." they mumbled at the same time. Even if the moment before this was sad, it was not seemingly forgotten. "I remember you Newt. I remember you. I love you, Newt." beamed the girl. "And I remember you, Thea. I have always loved you." The two of them sat in silence as they relived the memory.

"We were hiding from them." mumbled Thea with confusion as it made her wonder why they were hiding. "Why were we hiding, Newt? Were relationships not allowed? Were we not allowed? It just makes me wonder, weren't we allowed to see one another?"

"I think so, ya." replied the blond boy. "But we didn't follow the rules. We still met. Maybe in quiet, ya know? They couldn't bloody change anything. They couldn't part us." Newt seemed proud about the fact that their relationship was strong, that they couldn't be parted but Thea still wondered why. It just didn't make sense.

Thea only hoped that one day she would remember enough to piece the puzzle together, to know who she had been once and what her past was. Because one day she wanted to discover it, even if it would be the last thing she would do.


It's a flashback of Newt and Thea (or Newthea for short), it was a rather rational decision to write this but I still did it. How did you like it? Sorry it was quite short.

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