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Voodoo: Wow... that's got to be the s- *looks over at Bloody* um...splendid question.

*shrugs* I know what you were gonna say, Vood. This really wasn't an ask to put here, but knowing Loxo...yeah, he wanted it here anyways.

Loxo: Haha! Yyyyyup!!!

Dusk: lol

Lemondrop: That is a strange question to ask, if my opinion matters.

Bishop: All opinions matter... unless you're Silence..

Silence: Hey! Rude.

They're only being honest. In some situations you shut up about your opinion or else you die.

Lemondrop: *looks over at the camera* Classy is having a...not good day so don't mind their rudeness.

Loxo: Aaaanyways! *clears their throat* WHAAAAAT?!?!? No! I don't hate Rose! Why would I? That's stupid!!! What makes you think I hate, Rose?!

Ricochet: You make them suffer...

Loxo: I don't! I annoy them! There's a difference!

Dusk: Really??

Loxo: Yes!!!

Bishop: When you ship them with others, he kinda suffers....

Loxo: Hmmmm, na! But anyways, no! I don't hate them! Does anyone here hate Rose???

Dusk: Nope

Voodoo: That is the most stupid question you could ask me, Loxo. No, I don't hate them. Not at all.

Ricochet: I haven't known him that long but so far they seems nice so I guess no I don't

Silence: I don't hate him...

Lemondrop: No no no! I don't think I would be here if I hated Classy! ....I don't think I ever hated anyone either...

Bishop: They're is my twin, why would I hate 'em?

Loxo: Exactly! *jazz paws in front of the camera* No one here hates Rose! Who would hate Rose anyways!

Ahem.... Y83, the rest of his pack, Zilla, Smile, and good ol' fcker with no fcking face.

Bishop: At this point probably Grinny also because he hates me and everyone I don't hate....

Unless they've done me wrong, I think. I don't know, would you hate any people who do me wrong?

Bishop: Of course I would.

So far no one has done me wrong so Bishop doesn't hate anyone. Yet. But anyways, I hate everyone. I don't adore no one. I am a simple feared alpha who's heart is stone cold and will never feel any positive emotions.

Loxo: Bishooooop! Rose is being edgey again!!!

I am not! I'm only being honest.... there's a difference.

Bishop: Bloody, what did I tell you about being edgey?

I am not being edgey, I'm simply stating facts.

Dusk: While being edgey

They. Are. Facts. I hate everyone and my heart is cold as my soul is pitch black....and lost

Bishop: *sadly* But Bloody... 

Dusk: *humming*

Unless you're my twin. Then you're acceptable...or tolerable

Bishop: Yay *glomps Bloody*

Arceus- no need to tackle the wolf. Especially if you're a small cat.

Loxo: *appears on top of Bloody* You love us all!!!!

*groans* Get off me...

Lemondrop: *rubs their head against Bloody's neck* Come on, you do!

Voodoo: *nods* If you didn't. You wouldn't have helped us live!

Silence: Or adopted me from a box 

Dusk: Or been my friend even when everyone else ran away..

Ricochet: You love all of us and we all love you.

Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh...... That word is such a fake word. Stooooooop. You all will ruin my reputation.

Lemondrop: *giggles* Well, that is it for this dare! *buries their face against Bloody's neck fur* If you have any asks or dares to give us please let us know in the comments! It's a bye for now!

Stop trying to suffocate me. All of you....and you're all ruining my reputation....

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