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THE AVENGERS HEADQUARTERS WAS MORE LUXURIOUS THAN SHE COULD IMAGINE. Of course, they had billionaire Tony Stark backing the finances, but Hestia couldn't imagine that he had designed the entire facility. It was so nice and it had some of the best interior decorating that she had ever seen. Then again, she hadn't really been exposed to the lavish of decorating, seeing as she had been locked up for as long as she could remember. The whole world that she was about to enter was going to be so much more than she could ever imagine, and she didn't know how to take that quite yet.

Her eyes traveled around herself as she was being led by Captain America and Fayre Harlow, taking in all of the intricate details that she could. Fayre would glance over her shoulder and back at the young girl, a small smile on her lips as she watched her. Fayre knew what the girl was going through, being introduced to all of the things that she didn't even believe were imaginable. The only thing that she really couldn't relate on, was the fact that she was kidnapped and practically wiped of everything that made her. That was one thing that Fayre wanted to make sure that they would correct; giving Hestia back her identity.

Steve stepped out from in front of the three figures, seeing as Atkin had refused to just allow Hestia to go with them. Which Steve and Fayre found admirable. The super soldier motioned them into a room, but just as Atkin was about to follow, Steve stopped him. That created an annoyance within Atkin, but Steve assured him that Hestia would be safe with Fayre. Atkin glanced to Hestia and concern was plastered on his face as he stared at her. Hestia nodded her head to him, signaling that it was okay of him to go.

She needed to do whatever was required of her to get back to how she was. And discover if she even wanted that in her life.

Once Atkin had agreed to wait for them to finish whatever needed to be done for Hestia's entry, Fayre rested a hand on the small of her back and ushered her inside. Steve gave Fayre a small nod as he took Atkin to a separate room, and Hestia assumed that he was going to be questioned about his role in all of this.

She turned to the room that Fayre ushered her into and she took in the interior designs and everything that made it unique from the others. Hestia's eyes landed on the table that Fayre pulled the chair out from and sat down, before joining her. The brunette shifted in her seat nervously, wondering what was going to be asked of her and what she was going to be needed to do.

Fayre glanced down at the file in front of her, pressing her lips together briefly, before lifting her chin to meet Hestia's gaze. The other woman gave her a smile, before resting her hands on the table that sat between them.

"Alright, so before we really start the process of securing you into our facility and helping you figure out who it was that was experimenting on your and locating your family, I need to start off by asking you a few quesitons. Is that okay?" Fayre spoke, and Hestia nodded her head to her. "Excellant. Now, Hestia, do you remember anything before you were experimented on? Any details about your former life and what you went through in your childhood?"

"I- uhm, I don't really have any memory about that sort of stuff. I'm sure I had a mother and a father, possibly siblings, but I don't remember the specific details about them. It's as if they're just a figment of my imagination . . . I can't locate them in my memories, it's like i don't have any," Hestia answered her to her best ability, and Fayre nodded her head.

"Do you remember anything about those who experimented on you? Like specific names? Ages? Appearances?" Fayre asked, and Hestia shook her head. "That's alright, I just thought I'd ask, but I'm sure that Atkin will give us more about that," Hestia nodded her head to Fayre, and the woman gave her another smile. "Now, for your powers. We found your file that they were attempting to create an enhanced individual with the ability to create and manipulate fire. Is that true?"

"Yes," Hestia answered.

"And did they succeed?" That was when Hestia was hesitant. The young girl didn't want them to just use her for her powers like the other organization had done. She figured that they wouldn't do that to her, but she couldn't trust anyone. Even if they were the Avengers and were considered some of the most trustworthy people. But she didn't know them like the rest of the world did. She didn't. And that was why it was so difficult for her to answer such a simple question. Fayre pressed her lips together, before giving her a small shrug. "It's okay if you don't want to answer that question, Hestia. It's alright. If I was in your situation, I wouldn't want to answer that unless I knew exactly who I was dealing with. But I assure you, that I won't do anything to endanger you. We'll keep you safe."

"Are you sure?" Hestia asked, and Fayre nodded her head. "Okay, well, yeah . . . they succeeded with their twisted plans. But could I ask you something?"

"Of course," Fayre answered her.

"Would you be able to teach me how to use my powers?" Hestia answered, and a brighter smile appeared on Fayre's lips as she stared at the young girl.

"I would be happy to, all of us would be," Fayre answered, and Hestia gave her a small smile.

The two of them went through countless questions, and Hestia was almost able to answer every single one of them. But even by the end of it all, she didn't know what to expect any further from the Avengers. Especially not being thrown into the same room as the entire team.


author's note !


・゚゚・。 I apologize for the lack of updates for this story, but in the past few days, I have been very busy with work and school, and to me, those are my biggest priority. I did have three midterms to study for, so I pushed back as many updates as I could so I could get in enough studying. I hope you guys understand that! But here is a brand new chapter and with the end, she has been thrown into a room with all of the Avengers. This includes my collection of Marvel original characters from my Ballad of the Damned. I will try not to include any spoilers for those stories, but, hey, sometimes they spill.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! xx

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