Chapter Eleven

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"Hey, do you want to hang out later today? We can do some homework together, maybe watch a movie afterwards." Isobel stopped in her tracks and swiveled towards me, a grin spreading across her face.

"That would be great." She replied simply, and continued walking to her door. I sighed, feeling slightly relieved she hadn't said no. That would have been embarrassing, not to mention very disappointing.

Charlie had gone out of his way to drop the three of us home. 

While Isobel and Claudia hit it off instantly and chattered non stop, and the boys talked about some football game, I had been contemplating silently on how I should approach the topic, and still came up blank. After my eye opening talk with Madison, the butterflies in my stomach just wouldn't go away.

As I walked to my room, I thought about what I had just done. When I had seen her walking away from me after a brief goodbye, the words just slipped out of my mouth before my brain could process it.

I flopped onto my bed, sighing deeply. This would either make us, or break us. I finally decided I was willing to take that risk and see what happened.

After a few seconds of staring blankly at the ceiling, I got up and trudged into my closet to change out of my jeans and slip into something more comfortable. I grabbed the first large hoodie and sweatpants I found, and tugged a floral headband onto my head to hold back my hair which now reached my shoulders.

My hair grew incredibly and annoyingly fast, and I had to cut it every few months because when it started to fall into my face and bother me, I couldn't stand it. I'd have to get an appointment at the salon in the next couple of days. 

Admittedly, most of the time it was held back by a beanie or a hat of some kind from the cold anyway, but still. I didn't like it this long.

With that I skipped downstairs, figuring it was time to do some chores. With my mom working almost all the time, no one did much cleaning. There was no one to make a mess, but things got a little dusty after a while. I needed the distraction anyway, otherwise I'd lose my mind thinking about Isobel.

I grabbed the broom and walked into the living room, taking a look. The room was cozy enough, and as much as I liked it, for some reason I didn't spend too much time in here. Except maybe when mom was home, otherwise it was lonely and too quite for me. 

There were a few cream couches placed in a U shape around the room facing the TV that hung over the fireplace (that we literally never lit). The walls were painted a deep grey that complemented the light furniture in here nicely.

This room, along with the rest of the house, looked totally different just a few short years ago. But when I was about 14, mom and I decided we were bored and needed some kind of change in our lives, so we slowly refurbished the whole house, room by room. 

Every room was now a mixture of both our tastes, and the difference was very evident.

I had chosen the pale blue wall color in the kitchen, along with some deeper blue paint for the cabinets. I had also chosen the curtains, with blue and pale yellow accents. Mom had chosen the grey marble counter tops, and the grey floor tiles. It took just a brief glance to notice what her favorite color was.

It was quickly becoming my favorite too, thanks to a certain someones granite eyes. I quickly blinked away the image of her smiling eyes before I accidentally spent hours fantasizing about her.

Overall, the décor seemed a little funky and all over the place, but we both loved it. The few weeks during which we did all the painting ourselves, were some of my most treasured memories. My own canvases hung all over the house too.

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