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THE GROUP MADE THEIR WAY BACK TO THE OTHERS SO THEY COULD MAKE A PLAN. "No offense but who are you?" questioned Gally the girl. Thea was rather surprised at the blunt question. She wasn't very sure how to frase her answer as she thought about it for a moment, she never really had to introduce herself.

"Ehm, my name is Thea and I'm from group b. The glen or what you called 'the glade' I think." spoke Thea. Gally looked surprised that she knew the term for the inside of their maze but shrugged it off.

"I'm Gally. I was in the maze with those two shanks." he explained as he looked at Newt and Thomas. Thea just smiled at the two boys mentioned lightly, well more Newt than Thomas. "You like him, don't you?" quizzed Gally as he noticed the girls gaze. She just nodded dreamily, answering his question. The rest of the walk back was quiet as Thea soon joined Newt's side.

The blond haired girl tried to keep a close eye on the boy with a similar hair color. He had been acting strangely something which confused her greatly. His hands shook as if he couldn't control them, often he would try to keep them calm which succeeded sometimes. Finally they made their way back and discussed the plan. Gally suggested that they should use Teresa to get in.

"No, there's got to be another way." argued Thomas as he moved around the room.

"Like what? You've seen the building? She is our only way in."

"You really think she is gonna help us?"

"I don't plan on asking for her permission."

"Am I missing something here? This is the same girl who betrayed us correct? The same dick?" inquired Brenda as she listened to Gally and Thomas arguing back and forth. It was a discussion which was seemingly pointless.

"I like her." stated Gally as he pointed at the short haired girl.

"What's going on?" It was something all of them questioned at this point. Their arguments were pointless and leading them nowhere. No matter what they somehow had to get inside WICKED even if they had to use Teresa for that. There probably would be possibilities to make sure Teresa doesn't get hurt in any way, shape or form.

"What, are you afraid your little girlfriend is gonna get hurt?" questioned Newt bluntly as he glanced at Thomas. He never acted like that even if he was annoyed with him. "Hm? This is almost never been just about rescuing Minho, is it? Teresa, she is the only reason that Minho is even missing in the first place and now we finally have an opportunity to get him back and you don't want to because of her? Do you think I don't want to protect my girlfriend, do you think I don't want to protect Thea at all costs? Of course I do but if she has to I don't protest against letting her get involved in dangerous missions."

Newt backed Thomas up against a wall to a point where they were very close. At this point Thea has already risen up from her chair. "Because deep down inside you still care about her, don't you? Just admit it."

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