Chapter 2 - My Not So Average Life

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"RILEY!" Lucas screamed for the third time 

"I'm coming, I'm coming. It's a good thing everyone's out otherwise they would have found out!" I said finally emerging from my room. 

"Hey! Don't take that tone with me misses, I don't have to keep your secret, I don't have to support you, I don't have to...." 

"Okay Okay I get it, plus I do all that for you too we both fight ya know! Now can we get a move on before Killer murders us, well you!" I exclaimed, wrapping my coat around me tighter while jumping over the door and landing in the seat to my brothers new Lamborghini. Killer was also known as Boss, he was ruthless and run the street club that we went to regularly but secretly he had a soft spot for me, I don't know whether it was the fact I was a girl or I was his best fighter there but he liked me more than alot of others and the ones he didn't like.....I don't even want to know. 

We arrived at the club around 10 minutes later, making us only 5 minutes late. "YOUR LATE!" Killer screamed as we walked through the air conditioned hallway, considering that it was 8:00pm it was quite hot out. 

"Sorry, It's my fault! I took too long...again" I said re-arranging my face into a pout. 

"Okay, just stop with the face already, Mamba (Lucas) your on in 20 minutes against a new guy." 

"A new guy? There's never anyone new here....and anyone that is new doesn't go against Mamba first seeing as he's one of the best here!" I said surprised. 

"Yeah well he's new in town and supposedly really good so I put him against Mr one of the best here to see how he does. If he beats Mamba then you'll fight him next time. After their match you have a fight against a new girl who wants to take you on" 

"Oh okay then but I doubt he'll beat Mamba and is she mad?!" 

"Well we'll have to see. Now go tell your brother to get ready." That's when I noticed that instead of being by my side like he usually is he was standing at the back of the room flirting with a slutty girl. Boys! I really don't get what they see in girls like that. I stormed over there, mad at him for leaving me to deal with Killer, and whacked the back of his head. 

"Hey, hey, hey. What's with all the violence?" 

"You left me to deal with Killer BY MYSELF that's what's up with the violence, now come on you knuckle-head!" I scowled while taking ahold of his upper arm. I was about to drag him away when a whiney voice exclaimed, 

"What are you doing you fugly bitch?"  

"EXCUSE ME?!" I screamed at her as I spun around, making her cringe away from me but she soon straightened up and came close to my face while whispering 

"Look you sour old trout, I am a fighter and I can beat you to the ground in a blink of an eye so I'd watch it if I were you. I am here to face Scorpion." 

I burst out laughing making her jump abut five feet in the air and place a scowl on her face while screeching 


"YOU! *gasp* YOU! *gasp* THINK *gasp* YOU *gasp* CAN *gasp* BEAT *gasp* .... *gasp* SCORPION?" 

"uhhhmmm yes that is what I said" 

I straightened up and simply said "See you later then" leaving her with a confused face making it obvious she didn't have a clue who Scorpion really was whilst being dragged away from her by Mamba, we never used eachother's real names while we were here even if it was in out heads, it was never safe. 

"So did you want something when you came over or did you just want to hit me?" He narrowed his eyes at me.