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It's the year 2209. World War 3 happened about a hundred years ago in 2134. It only lasted a week.

First, countries began to team up with one another when North Korea declared war on America. Fights lasted three days, however, America did something no-one expected.

They dropped a nuclear bomb. 

It hit parts of Asia first, destroying China, Japan, South Korea, parts of North Korea and Mongolia. The rest of Asia was massively affected, as the massive thud caused earthquakes all over the continent.  Burma and Thailand had thousands of deaths just by the quakes alone, however, it was nothing compared to China. 

Nearly the entire population were dead or fatally injured, and the tally was rounding up to much more than the entire world war two death toll, and that lasted four years. Russia was in a blind panic, unsure what to do. Japan's deaths were slowly adding up, and Europe was quickly getting calls from surviving relatives. They wanted out.

Russia, angry with what they were enduring, dropped a nuclear bomb in America. It hit Colorado, pretty much the middle of the USA. Colorado's population dropped to only a few hundred. The other states experienced radiation attacks, earthquakes and tsunamis. The billion and a half people that lived in the USA dropped to a mere two million, and that didn't count for Hawaii or Alaska, which had been affected by tsunamis larger than ever heard of before. 

Next was Europe and Africa. Parts of Europe like Turkey, Ukraine and Finland had been caught up in Asia's destruction, and the UK were not pleased. Using one of the only nuclear bombs they had, they attempted to launch it at the East of Asia but instead ended up firing it at the West - basically back in Europe. 

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary were blown apart, and the survivors of the blast were killed off by the radiation. Earthquakes spread as far as France, just reaching the edge of Spain. These earthquakes were ten times worse than the recorded worst, killing off 3/4 of Europe. The only survivors were the people living in Spain, Ireland, the South half of Greece and Iceland. Norway and Sweden only had survivors living up North. 

Africa and Australia were frightened. They had no nuclear bombs; only America, Canada, Korea, China, Russia and England had the 'honours'. Their armies stayed well back, watching from afar, but within a week and a half, they'd been destroyed too.  

A year passed. The population dropped from 18 billion to half a million.

Another year passed and that population vanished to a couple hundred thousand. 

As people tried to rebuild society, a couple of scientists who were born and tried to help the world by fixing old technology found something unfamiliar under a pile of rubble. It was rectangular, and what they figured out to be a mobile phone from the 2100s. It still had charge left, and when they explored it, they found an old text conversation that broke their hearts. 

Here it is.


Thursday 15th September 2134

Ava: Hey, you awake?

Ohna: Yep :) 

Ava: How can you be happy at this moment in time?

Ava: I wish I had your optimistic ways

Ohna: It's easy. Just look at the bright side

Ava: Ohna, I'm worried. How can I look on the bright side?

Ohna: Don't be worried.

Ohna: It'll all be fine

Ava: No it's not. The arguments between Korea and America are getting worse

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