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December 11, 2006

The doorbell rang. She looked out of her bedroom window at the boy below waiting patiently at the doorsteps. She watched as he turned to face the street, his breath coming out in little clouds in front of his face. His brown hair was tousled by the wind and his creamy cheeks were pink from the cold.

He sighed and turned back around, ringing the doorbell once more. She moved back from the window just as he glanced up at her window. Then he looked back down and noticed the blackened roses that had been shoved behind the hedges. He bent down to pick them up and noticed that they were the ones he had gotten her. She never brought them inside. He sighed and threw them back down, rining the doorbell again.

She heard a knock at the door and her grandmother entered, a look of pity on her face. She had told her everything, as always, and she sympathized with her completely.

"You can't hide up here forever, Aria," her grandmother said.

"Just...just tell him I'm not feeling well," she replied. Her grandmother nodded, a sad expression on her face, and closed the door behind her.

She moved back to look out the window again. She watched as her grandmother opened the front door. The boy's shoulders perked up because he thought she finally answered the door. They sunk back down when he saw that it was her grandmother. Again.

She watched her grandmother tell him that she wasn't feeling well and that she wanted to be alone. His eyes became downcast and he nodded, his messy brown hair falling in his eyes. Then he turned around and walked back towards his car to drive away.

She went to her bed and fell back against the soft mattress, raising the bottom hem of her sweater to reveal a flat stomach. She ran her hands over the smooth plane of muscle, closing her eyes and letting a few tears trickle down the side of her face. 

"I am so sorry, Carter," she whispered into the emptiness of her room.


A/N: Prologue! Yay!

This story is going to be written almost the same way I wrote Night Life. I'm going to have frequent flashbacks, but the bulk of the story takes place in the present. Whatever's in the past will be in italics.

Like I said in my message, this story is based off of Taylor Swift's song Back to December. I only put a story to the lyrics.

I need help picking a cast. Preferably I'd like a two people for Aria (one young and one older) and two for Carter (one young and one older). Leave me your suggestions below!

As always, comment and vote!


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