Chapter 22

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I'm getting all sad and such guys): It's almost over!! D':

Somewhere along the night, Harry and I fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms. I think we would've slept for days, that is, if Addie hadn't woken us up.


The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes the next day was her wide blue eyes and Shirley Temple curls. She must've nudged me awake. I shake Harry, who wakes up in a start and sees Addie standing by the bed.

His face turns the color of a tomato, once he realizes what we had done. His mouth opens wide to say something.

"Shhh…." Addie says, pointing to the cracked door, "Momma doesn't know Jessie's still here."


Well it's a good thing she hasn't come in to wake up Harry yet. She'd be in for quite a surprise.

"Damn it," I mutter.

I hear Ms. Styles's voice call out.


A pause, then her footsteps coming down the hall.

"Addie, where are you; it should not take that long to wake your brother up."

She stops outside of Harry's door.

Addie rushes to the door and steps out into the hallway, closing the door behind her.

"Right here, mom," she says sweetly.

Whadaya know. A ten year old saving my ass.

"What took you so long?" Ms. Styles asks, her voice suspicious, "Where's your brother?"

"Out in a minute!" Harry calls, rummaging around, looking for a place to hide me, his voice edging towards sounding frantic.

Which, is what ultimately causes his mother to open the door and barge in.

Now, here is the image she is greeted with: Me, sitting on the bed, fumbling for a hiding place, and Harry by his closet throwing things out to make room. Both of our faces turned crimson.

Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind for the morning after spending the night with the boy who loves me.

Nothing near it.

Let's just say that after my experience that morning, I was escorted off the premises.

Ms. Styles drove me home herself. And it wouldn't have been so awkward if someone else had been in the car instead of just us two.

Neither one of us spoke except for when I needed to tell her where to turn to take me home. I was so busy looking everywhere but at Harry's mom that I didn't even stop to think what would happen if my dad was home when Ms. Styles pulled up.

His car wasn't in the drive, thank goodness.

I let myself out of the car and started up the walkway, digging my keys out of my pocket, ignoring the sound of Harry's mother's car backing out and speeding away.

It turns out I didn't need my keys after all, he had left the door unlocked.


I walked down the hallway, immediately suspicious of what the unlocked door might mean. But then feelings of last night flit across my brain, and I ignore my suspicions. I'm just being paranoid. My father can't be here, his car is gone.

But then I see my room.

Bare walls, completely empty. Nothing but the dirty carpet left.

"What the hell…" I mutter, stepping into my room.

I don't stay long. Because shortly after I open my closet doors and find them empty as well, I hear noises.

Soft thumping sounds coming from my father's room down the hall.

I stop and listen, after about ten seconds the sounds stop and I hear a muffled noise, like a person's voice almost.

I creep down the hallway, careful to avoid the creaky boards and put my head against my father's room.

"Stupid little bitch…" I hear my father mutter, uttering one string of curses after another.

More muffled sounds, then the sound of metal sliding.

"Where did he go? Tell me now or I'll skin your pretty little face."

"I'm telling you, I don't know!" A small voice replies, soon replaced with soft crying sounds.

"You know something, and if I have to I'll cut that little baby right out of you in order to get you to talk."

This time she screams and wails, her words indecipherable.

But I've heard enough to know who it is.


Somehow, my father learned Nick's connection with Lily, and he's trying to figure out where he went, even if it means killing her in the process.

He doesn't care that she's poor and helpless.

Or that she's pregnant.

Or that she's the sweetest person I know who happens to understand what it's like to be treated the way I have been for years now.

None of that matters to him.

Which is why I pull out my cell phone and exit the house, welcoming the frigid air, flurries landing on my eyelashes as I wait for Harry to pick up.

He'll come and help me. Maybe then I won't have to face this alone anymore.

But i guess I'll never know, because he never picks up.

DUN DUN DUN. What do you guys think?? Can't believe it's almost done....

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