001 | Deadly and Lonely

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Wandering alone in the deep space, I realize that the vacuum, other than being dangerous, is fascinatingly attractive, I dare say in a magnetic way. I know, being sucked in a black hole, with possibly no chances to go back, is awful; though, I can't see the point of complaining when the main priority is finding a way to get out of this hole.

Suddenly, a metallic noise makes me cringe. Perhaps it's a broken engine or a collapsing spaceship, who knows? Following that straight after, there comes a loud, sullied, broken scream from the distance. If only I could reach it! I mean, it shouldn't be too much of an issue for me to look for the source of the noise, well, if gravity allows me to.

For some undisclosed reason, I find myself washed towards the source of the noise, or at least this is what I think. The fact that I can't see it is making things incredibly more difficult, but I can still perceive its presence. I close my eyes for what seems to be a millisecond because I feel my body hurting as if it were hit by a shockwave.

And, then, I feel a pair of arms wrapping around my body. I try to move so that those arms would let go of me, but to no avail. They hold me even tighter, after which I realize I can no longer escape. Especially after I hear a voice hiss, "Follow me."

Whoever was wrapping their arms around my body until now let go of me, only to grab my right hand and drag me away. I try to look back, but I realize it's useless. I can only hope that whoever is holding my hand doesn't want to kill me.

Or, maybe, I'm already dying.

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This is a short story for the Deep Space Horror contest hosted by BeyondSol for the Halloween Vault!

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