school. hay look at that a normal title

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A few weeks past and Virgil got settled in.
Logan suggested taking him to school and the others agreed.

So today is Virgil's first day at school.

" you ready Virgil. Remember just to follow Roman he has all your classes."


" don't worry Logan. Virgil will be fine he's with me."

Roman said proudly with a smile.

" that's what I'm worried about"
Logan said under his breath and Roman glared at him

" guys I'll be fine don't worry. In case you forgot I went to school before"

" okay we're here"
Patton said with a smile as he open the front doors.

" come on Virgil are first class is science. Let's go"
Roman said with a smile as he grabbed Virgil's hand and they walk to the science room.

Oh did I forget to mention that Roman and Virgil are basically dating but not official. But don't worry Virgil's still a-
Wait no nevermind, Roman is still a virgin

A Virgil was pull to the front left corner by Roman. Virgil looked around nervous all the kids were staring at him and Roman.

He tugged nervously at Roman sleeve

" yes darling"
Roman said just loud enough so people in a 5 ft radius would here.

Virgil bit his bottom lip. And looked around nervous.

Roman seem to have gotten the point. Roman put his arm around Virgil shoulder. And leaned in and kissed him on the forehead.

Virgil's face when red as the people in the classroom stared in shock.


Virgil said in whisper

" I'm sorry. But you just look so cute I couldn't resist not kissing you. Now come on, don't worry about the people who are staring"

The point was pretty clear to everyone in the class.

'They're dating'

Their thoughts of that were so strong you could practically hear it

But class had to start. The teacher walked up to the front desk and beginning class.

Virgil was bored out of his mind.
Everything was so easy
To the point where it seemed like they were doing a 'do you remember' from kindergarten

And that's what Virgil went with.

'I mean they must have been doing it because this is so easy'
he thought himself.

*^* Okay so no Virgil is just really smart.
And Miss Rose, his Spirit teacher.
is an absolute genius
And since I have nothing else for the story I would end this here.*^*

[Still weak]

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