four; and she's calling a cab

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C H A P T E R F O U R ;

third person pov:

m a s k i n g  o u t the scent from her nose, she not so subtlety shook her head at the salad, "finn i swear to god, i cannot eat those little fish or i will throw up," millie clutched onto his glass of a half drank chocolate milkshake, and downed a couple gulps.

"anchovies you mean, they come on like every caesar salad to exist!" he laughed, observing them laying on top of the lettuce, "but that doesn't mean you can devour my milkshake."

"give a woman a break," she removed her lips from the orange straw and he rolled his eyes,
taking a sip from the same end.

after fighting over who would pay for the bill,
they decided to split it evenly as they were both stubborn to decide.

"this was nice, thank you wolfhard," millie slid from the booth and got up as she walked beside finn out of the restaurant.

"woah woah, who says we're done? don't you wanna skate more or something? yeah you do," he then pulled her out onto the rank as though she didn't have a say.

they skated together for a while, and as millie started to get the hang of it, it became a lot more fun for the both of them. screaming lyrics of eighties songs across the room and using the slow songs as a drink break.

by 'drink break,' that meant alcohol for finn,
and carbonated drinks for millie.

eventually the whole place cleared out and
they were the only ones there, besides the few workers, rounding out at around 12:00am.

"just one more shirley temple?" millie yelled over the music at the worker, he denied dismissing her as he left his shift for closing time.

"ughhhh," she groaned loudly, looking over at finn who finished off his last shot, now putting her as the designated driver.

"finnie we're leaving!" she walked over to him
and held his arm, pulling him outside into the brisk air.

they stood outside the front doors as he laughed at millie, "i think i forgot my shoes," he snorted, looking down at his socks.

"dumbass- okay but really, you probably won't even remember this, but thank you for tonight," millie spoke as her hand moved to rest on the side of his upper arm.

"yeaahh, no probs! you didn't have a choice really but aye i'm exhausted," he responded slurring his words, placing a cup down on the ground to free his hands.

"what're you doing finn, let's go you're drunk," she sighed, shaking her slightly head in confusion.

"did you have fun on our date though?" he pondered, "i just told you that a minute ago," millie scoffed, looking up at his defined face under the small yellow light illuminating all of their features.

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