Chapter 17

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"I Can't Believe You Like Watching This, You Big Ass Kid" Reese Said, Referring To Princess & The Frog, As We Laid Across My Air Mattress .

"But You Want This Big Ass Kid" I Said, Giving Him A Blank Stare .

"You Probably Right" He Said, Letting Out A Dry Laugh, As He Hugged Me Tight .

"Probably?" I Said, Making A Face .

"Nope, Move.. Get Off Of Me" I Said, Copping An Attitude, As I Tried Pushing Him Off Of Me But He Was Hugging Me Too Tight .

He Smacked His Lips .

"You Know I'm Just Playing, Stop" He Said . I Stopped Pushing On Him, And Gave Him A Face .

"You Know I Want You" He Said, Looking Into My Eyes, As He Slowly Licked His Lips, Moving His Eyes Up And Down .

Wow, The Lord Is Really Testing Me .

"Wh- Why You Always Look At Me Like That?" I Asked, Shyly .

"Like What?"

"Like That"

"I Don't Know How I'm Looking At You . How Am I Looking At You?" He Asked, Chuckling .

Like You Wanna Fuck Me, Boy, Damn!

"Nevermind, Cause I Can't Really Explain It" I Said .

He Continued Staring Me In My Eyes, As He Licked His Lips Once More .

Soon, He Slowly Came In, And His Lips Touched Mine . His Tongue Begin Making It's Way Down My Throat, As I Sucked On It .

His Hands Slowly Made It's Way From My Ass, To The Inside Of My Pants .

"Wait, Reese, I Can't- I Can't Do This" I Said, Stopping Everything .

"You Straight?" He Asked, With A Worried Expression On His Face .

"Yeah, I'm Fine . I Just Don't Really Feel Comfortable Doing This, Right Now"

"Alright, Well We Can Just Watch The Movie"

"I'm Sorry-"

"Maliyah, Don't Be Sorry . You Ain't Got No Reason To Be Sorry . If You Don't Feel Comfortable With Doing That Right Now, We Ain't Gotta Do That Right Now..I Understand, And All I Can Do Is Respect That"

"Are You Sure, Reese?" I Asked, Looking Him In His Eyes .

"Positive, Love" He Said, Causing Me To Smile, As He Smiled Also .

We Just Continued Watching The Movie, Until I Ended Up Falling Asleep .


"So When You Coming Back Home?" Christa Asked, Through The Phone, As I Sighed .

"Well, Um, I'm Not- Coming Back"

"Oh Did You Move Into Your Apartment? Bitch You Should've Said Something, You Know I Would've Helped, And I Wanted To See It . Where You Stay At? I'ma Come By Today" She Said, Excitedly .

"Well, Exactly I Moved In With Reese" I Lied .

"You Moved In With Him? Why Though? Didn't Y'all Just Meet?" She Asked, But I Didn't Really Know What To Say So I Kept Quiet .

"I Don't Know If I'm Tripping Or What, But I'm Really Starting To Feel Like You Tryna Distance Yourself From Me . You Don't Really Talk To Me, Tell Me Anything, And We Don't Hangout As Much As We Use To" She Explained .

"I Am Under A lot Of Stress" I Said, Causing Her To Smack Her Lips .

"Man Whatever, I Don't Even Wanna Hear It . You Obviously Not Fucking With Me Like I'm Fucking With You, So I'ma Just End This Friendship Now Before I Get My Feelings Hurt"

"Christa, Don't Do This"

"You Already Did It" She Said, Before Disconnecting The Phone .

I Sat There, As Tears Built Up In My Eyes .

I Can't Be Mad At Nobody But Myself, Cause I Knew This Was Gone Happen Eventually, Just Not Like This .

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