“It’s no trouble. I’ll do what I can to help out a friend of Sam’s,” I promised.

Becky nodded. “Alright,” she agreed.

We left for Zach’s then. It wasn’t far away, and we were soon there. We approached the front door, only to find it was sealed shut. I pulled out my pocket knife to cut the tape but Becky put a hand up.

“Are you sure this is okay? Is it even legal?” Becky asked apprehensively.

“Don’t worry. FBI agent,” I reminded, pushing her hand away and proceeding to cut the seal.

I took the key from Becky and unlocked the door. The four of us stepped inside, ducking under the yellow tape across the door. One step inside and I could tell that whatever had taken place here had been gruesome. Blood was smeared and spattered, and the furniture was strewn about slightly haphazardly.

“What did the police say?” Sam asked.

“Well, there’s no sign of a break-in. They say that Emily let her attacker in. The lawyers—they’re already talking about plea bargain,” Becky began. But the sight of everything seemed to overwhelm her.

“Bec, if you want to wait outside-” Sam began, but she just shook her head.

“No. I’m okay. I want to help.”

“So if your brother Zach didn’t do this, do you have any clue who would?” I asked.

Becky shook her head. “Um, there was something, about a week before. Somebody broke in here and stole some clothes—Zack’s clothes. The police—they don’t think it’s anything. I mean, we’re not that far from downtown. Sometimes people get robbed,” she replied. Dean walked over to the window, where he could see a vicious looking dog who was barking like it wanted to rip our lungs out. “ You know, that used to be the sweetest dog.”

“What happened?” Dean asked.

“He just changed,” Becky replied.

“Do you remember when he changed?” I asked, suddenly curious. I knew that some animals, especially dogs, were sensitive to the paranormal. If something had went on here, the dog might’ve seen it and that could be the cause of his sudden viciousness.

“I guess around the time of the murder,” Becky responded with a shrug. I caught Sam’s eyes and he seemed to know what I was getting at.

Becky began to wander away from the three of us and I motioned for Sam and Dean to come over by me.

“We need to get ahold of that security footage. I’m still not entirely convinced this is our kind of thing but if something did happen, it would explain why that dog went all wacky around the time it happened,” I whispered quickly in case Becky came back into earshot.

“She’s right,” Sam agreed. “Animals do have a sharp sense of the paranormal.”

“Agreed, but how are we gonna get our hands on that security footage?” Dean wondered.

“All we can do is ask,” I replied.

Becky came back in at that moment and I turned to her. “You don’t happen to have a copy of the security footage?” I asked of her.

“Actually,” she said with a small smile, with just a hint of deviousness creeping into it, “I stole it off the lawyers desk. I just had to see it for myself.”

I grinned. This girl was alright.

We went back to Becky’s and were currently sitting around her TV. She slid the tape into the VHS player and then pushed play. We sat back, watching as nothing was going on.

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