Chapter 18

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The morning air was cool and crisp as we walked up the path to the front door of the house. We’d all been up for a few hours, had breakfast, and now we were at Becky’s. Sam bounded up the front steps to Becky’s house and Dean and I exchanged looks before following behind him.

He knocked on the door and moments later a pretty blonde answered the door.

“Oh my God! Sam!” she exclaimed as she opened the door and realized who was on the other side.

“Well if it isn’t little Becky,” Sam teased with a wide smile on his face.

“You know what you can do with that little Becky crap,” she shot back, but her tone was playful. Sam pulled her into a hug.

  “I got your email,’ he said as he pulled away.

“I didn’t think you would come here,” Becky said, but you could tell that she was happy he was here, nonetheless.

Becky realized at that moment that Sam was not alone. She took in Dean and I, standing side by side. “Who’s this?” she asked.

“This is my brother, Dean, and his girlfriend Katherine,” Sam said, introducing us.

I stepped forward and held out my hand. “Hi,” I said to her with a smile.

She shook my hand and smiled back, shaking it lightly before letting it go. Dean stepped up and shook her hand as well.

“C’mon in,” Becky said, gesturing for the three of us to come in. The three of us filed in after her as she led us into the living room.

“This is a really nice place,” I said to Becky. We began to make our way into other areas of the house at this point.

“It’s my parents’. I was just crashing here for the long weekend when everything happened. I decided to take the semester off. I’m gonna stay until Zack’s free,” Becky replied.

“Where are your folks?” Sam asked.

“They live in Paris for half the year, so they’re on their way home now for the trial,” Becky replied to Sam. We entered the kitchen at that moment and Becky walked over to the refrigerator. “Do you guys want a beer or something?”

“No thanks,” Sam said before Dean and I could even reply. “So tell us what happened.”

“Well, um, Zack came home, and he found Emily tied to a chair. And she was beaten up and bloody, and she wasn’t breathing,” Becky began. Tears began to fall down her face as she told the story. “So, he called 911, and the police—they showed up, and they arrested him. But, the thing is, the only way that Zack could’ve killed Emily is if he was in two places at the same time. The police—they have a video. It’s from the security tape from across the street. And it shows Zack coming home at 10:30. Now, Emily was killed just after that, but I swear, he was here with me, having a few beers until at least after midnight.”

“You know, maybe we could see the crime scene. Zach’s house,” Sam tried. But Becky looked a little apprehensive when it came to that idea.

“Why? I mean, what could you do?” Becky asked.

“I work for the FBI,” I said hurriedly. “I’m on leave now for a few weeks. I needed it.”

“The FBI?” Becky demanded incredulously. “Aren’t you a little young to work for the Bureau?”

“I went straight in after college,” I lied. “It’s not uncommon, actually.”

“Well don’t you want to spend your vacation… well, on vacation?” Becky asked.

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