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''So are guys a thing?'' Cho asked, pointing between Hannah and Percy. Hannah cocked her head to the side, not understanding the modern use of the word, thing. Percy however, knew perfectly well what she meant and started denying it with his whole body, his head shook sideways and his arms were in an over exaggerated wave of denial. Cho chuckled and Luna remembered what Percy was saying about their memories.

''Percy, do you want to see our memories? I don't mind it if you read them.''

''Thank you, Luna. It'll only be a second.'' Percy touched the top of her head like he was patting her and a second later, Percy looked murderous. ''They bully you!? Oh my gods they are so gonna get it!'' Percy rolled up his sleeves and punched his own hand. 

''Percy, its fine. They think I'm crazy because of my act of me 'talking' to the Nargles. Isn't it awful that they don't know nargles are real?''

''What are nargles Luna?'' Hannah asked, wondering if they were some modern mortal thing that wizards don't know, like that weird celly phoney thing. 

''Nargles are creatures that only children of Iris and the legacies of Iris can see. They are sometimes known as willow-o-the-wisps, lost souls, and to me and a few others who believe me, Nargles. Since there aren't many children of Iris, we don't have a decided name for them. We each call them the name we like. Children of Iris are born like the fairies in peter pan. We're born from a shared happy thought between Iris and the person she chooses. I was born from my mother laughing about what my father commented on a lady's dress. Because of that, I have always had quite a good sense of clothing, though my character of Loony Lovegood doesn't have a good sense of clothing. That's why I often dress up my sisters. Now you as well Hannah!''

''Next is my memories Perce!'' Percy patted Neville's head and memories flashed to him. 

''Gods! You acted like you were a clumsy idiot! Well done Neville! That acting deserved an Oscar! So you made yourself look like you were fat and shy, with absolutely no courage.''

''yep! Got me on my nerves every day if it weren't for Luna and the others.''

''I know. I saw~'' Percy teased slightly and Neville blushed. 

''Next's me!'' Cho raised her hand as if she were at school. Percy did the exact same thing as the others. 

''And you had to act like you liked Cedric and Harry!? Wow. You three are brilliant actors! I'm so proud of you!'' Percy hugged all three of them. 

''My! I thought the only ones acting were Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger. All of you!?'' Dumbledore asked, his brow raised questioningly. 

''We're sorry professor, but this was a quest from a goddess, and you know what will happen if we mess it up... Our worst fears granted!'' Neville explained guiltily.

''Luna, you can stop your acts once I go okay? It's time to show who you really are. But all at the same time would be boring. One by one, like one every two months. So first, Luna. She'll reveal that she's not a lunatic but a smart and courageous girl who prides in her family. Then, Neville, he'll show that he's actually quite the charmer and that he's tall and good with a sword. Then, Cho, she'll be the first daughter of Venus who didn't fall in love! Then Drake, Then Hermy.''

''Does that mean I get to call you my big brother!?'' Luna exclaimed, hugging onto the torso of her older brother.

''Yeah, since you're the first to be out of disguise.''

''No fair!'' Neville and Cho pouted. 

''You'll get your turn soon!''

''Luna's always the first one who gets the good stuff!'' Cho protested. Luna stuck out her tongue in a childish manner and hid behind Percy. Then Cho started to run after Luna, ending up with two trained warriors running around Percy like he were the eye of the typhoon. 

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